Another nice idea for Christmas gifts, this time comes from Salvimar. We have this year presented so many high quality products from the Italian Company. Among these the amazing Salvimar spearguns line, with the Wild, Voodoo, Metal and Hero lines, the record torches line, the new Speeder fins, the N.A.T. 101 wetsuit, the rich masks line and the weight vests. For these holidays two nice additional ideas, of similar cost (with discounts) and different sizes under the Christmas tree: Salvimar Manta100 and Salvimar Freedive. The Manta100 has a list price of almost 300€, but has been recently offered at around 200€, which makes it a very interesting product. The Freedive is the new simple, but complete and nice looking watch launched this year, and is around 150 € on the web.


Salvimar Manta100 & Fredive watch for Christmas

What it is exactly

It is NOT a simple buoy, or more specifically it is not just a simple buoy. It is a Dive Board! But that’s not all, it is a high quality, performing and resistant Dive Board! So don’t mix the Salvimar Manta100 with buoys or some low quality boards, as this is something different. Now, like it or not the Salvimar Manta100 is extremely large, making it possible for the spearo to rest on it easily and move around the surface. The Manta100 will support well heavy weights and help the spearo to rest at best, or transfer easily from one spot to another.

How it is made

In the very important sizes of 10 cm thick x 76.3 cm wide x 107.8 cm long, the Salvimar Manta100 is a high quality Dive Board. The “Manta” shape allows a position that does not strain the back and favours the thrust forward with the fins. The material with which it is made and its construction technology are PVC with Fusion Light System technology. They allow high internal pressure (0.5 bar is already sufficient to obtain high stiffness of the structure), determining a high buoyancy thrust, and high abrasion resistance. The buoyancy thrust is in fact calculated to support the fisherman equipped with belt/winter ballast.

Key accessories

What is extremely important to notice is the fact that the Salvimar Manta100 Dive Board is complete with all the accessories needed. First of all the inflation pump. This is a quality high pressure fast inflating pump complete with pressure gauge. It is also compact and dismountable to improve even more its compactness and storing possibilities. In many dive boards of competition such accessory, which may cost up to 40-50 € alone, is not included. In addition, a carrying bag, a repair kit, a high visibility and long mast dive flag and an air valve dismounting lever are included.

Elements which make it great

Apart from the high quality construction and materials, and the complete set of accessories, the Manta100 included a huge number of solutions. 3 lower stainless steel rings for towing and carriage and 6 upper stainless steel rings for equipment fixing, such as spearguns and fins, make this Dive Board extremely comfortable. If something is missing, we could say it is some elastic bands to complete the positioning of the equipment.

A support and stabilization centerboard (suitable for installation of an electric motor) is also present. It is easily mountable and dis-mountable through a sliding system.

Freedive computer watch


The Salvimar Freedive computer watch is the new computer watch by the Italian company. The Freedive is complete will all the key functions you need to freedive and spearfishing, and nothing more. The Freedive is designed to go down to maximum 100 meters. Regarding the depth of the dive the computer watch has now a new depth sensor with the fastest and most accurate reading, and updates at intervals every 0.5 ms. There is a maximum depth alarm function, and also 5 intermediate depths alarms.

The maximum dive time alarm is also available and adjustable. To help between dives key data such as surface time and dive time are available. Water temperature is also indicated on the screen. For training chrono and countdown functions are also present on the Salvimar Freedive. Below 1.2 meters of depth all buttons and functions are frozen, and only the Dive function works. Data recording is also available.

It is possible to download the users manual of the Salvimar Freedive in PDF at this link.


As anticipated a new pressure sensor is used on the Salvimar Freedive. This sensor reads the pressure from 0 to 14 Bar, with +/- 20 mbar accuracy. The resolution is 0.2 mbar and the response time 0.5 ms. The system is water resistant up to 30 Bar.

The watch face is 49 mm wide (including the lateral pressure sensor case) and 47 mm high. The case is 15 mm thick. The screen is 35 mm of diameter, and goes down to 26 mm diameter if we exclude the nice silver crown around it.

The watch strap generates a circumference of 26 cm, excluding the buckle. The usable length (from buckle to the last hole) is 24.5 cm. The design of the strap is longer than in previous Salvimar watches and is also adapt to be worn over thick wetsuits.

The Salvimar Manta100 and Freedive computer watch are two nice ideas for Christmas. Of course if you want to be really generous, why not buy both for your beloved one?!