Internal Volume

Masks Internal Volume certification logo by Apneapassion
Masks Internal Volume certification logo by Apneapassion

The measurement of the diving masks Internal Volume by Apneapassion is 100% certified, precise, repeatable and comparable. Each mask is mounted on a dummy head with all parameters kept unvaried. Using a graduated siringe water is injected in the mask until all the internal volume is filled. The final result indicates how much water has entered the mask before leaking out of it upper profile. Below are the updated standings of all the masks that we have certified as of today, so that you can compare the Internal Volume of every model of every brand to the other.

The Internal Volume is a very important parameter, especially in freediving and deep spearfishing, but of course also scuba diving. Still, it is clear that the most important aspects of a mask remain the comfort and perfect water seal.

Below the chart with the best masks in order from the smallest to the greater internal volume. With mobile phones turn the phone horizontally for a better view of the chart!

* In the videos at the links, the water lost at the end of the measurement is similar for all masks and unavoidable. The water present inside the tube at the end of the measurement compensates for the volume occupied by the tube inside the mask.

BrandModelInternal VolumeLink to videoComments
MaresX-Free77 ccX-Free videoDesign & soft silicone help to additionally reduce internal volume. Sold only in Italy.
TechnisubMicromask93 ccMicromask video
The design made history. The less soft silicone keeps the facial more rigid, but also helps avoiding eye lashes touching the lenses
C4 CarbonCondor94 ccC4 Condor video
The C4 Condor obtains an excellent reduction of the internal volume, even though it is designed for the record-breaking field of view, with great dimension lenses.
Salvimar Noah96 ccNoah video
The Best Choice by Apneapassion 2023 winning spearfishing mask is among the best masks for internal volume reduction
BrandModelInternal VolumeLink to videoComments