Let’s analyze well one of the 3 finalists of the Best Choice by Apneapassion prize in the category Computer Watches, the Salvimar Freedive. Computer watches on the market go from 100 euros to above 200 or 300 euros, and then well higher up with more advanced solutions such as the Garmin Descent G1 Solar. In such market the Salvimar Freedive is definitely a value for money solution. The good aspect is that this computer watch offers all the most important functions needed for freediving and spearfishing.

Salvimar Freedive Silver colours


The design is very nice, as the Italian company has got us used launching always good looking products. The Salvimar Freeedive has a lot of Silver both on the bezel and around the screen. This computer watch is completely made in technopolymer, except for the case base cover for the substitution of the battery and the buckle which are in steel. This permits this watch to be extremely light (65 grams weighed by AP). The battery (type CR2032) is easily replaceable, but any damage or water seepage linked to such action done by the owner can cancel the warranty (this applies actually to practically all computer watches on the market). crystal has a diameter of 34 mm, but the effective readable area is 25 mm. The menu selection solution is the traditional one with four buttons, two per side.

Salvimar Freedive 2 buttons per side menu

The watch strap is made with a slightly stiffer rubber compared to many other dive watches on the market, but in the end it is absolutely comfortable. The total length of the strap is around 260 mm, quite a good value which permits to wear the Salvimar Freedive on thick wetsuits. There is no additional longer strap option.


As said, if one does not need to go beyond the key functions of a freediving and spearfishing computer watch, the Salvimar Freedive has all that is needed. An up to 100 meters depth gauge is present, now new and more accurate with updates in 0.5 sec intervals.

The Salvimar Freedive has adjustable alarms for maximum diving depth, 5 intermediate depths, and also maximum dive time. After each dive the computer watch indicates the duration of each dive and the surface time of recovery, the latter extremely important for safety. The Salvimar Freedive stores a very good quantity of data of the dives for up to 99 per day for 30 days, indicating dive time, max depth and lowest water temperature. Also the water temperature is measured constantly and appears on the screen.

Also, traditional information and functions are available, such as Chrono stopwatch, countdown Timer, T-Dual world time, time alarms and backlight. We have tested the Salvimar Freedive and will soon publish our review.