ph. Paolo Travaglia

In the world of freediving, Livia Bregonzio is an absolute reference. An athlete born for indoor freediving, although she did not come to the sport so early. But for someone who possesses, in addition to athletic gifts, the pragmatism that is typical of Livia, time is no obstacle: performance and results came very early and propelled her into the empyrean of freediving. The National Team, the Italian records and the world records, the absolute records have arrived. Important, but not enough to satisfy Livia, who continues to grind meters in the lane, training and coaching, so much so that the first question we can ask her is:

Pietro Lanzafame: Livia what are your plans for this competitive season?

Livia Bregonzio: This year’s goal is to qualify for the Italian Absolute Championships to then participate in the World Championships which will be held in Belgrade during the first week of July. The season is long and requires meticulous planning in order not to lose achievements and maintain the state of fitness until the event.

Livia Bregonzio

PL: It has been debated for some time now whether freediving can or should become an Olympic discipline. The 2025 World Games seem to be the antechamber to this momentous transition. Have you considered in your plans to be competing at WG ’25?

LB: Yes, it is necessary to center the qualification, not an easy feat. There are 8 spots earmarked for freediving, specifically 8 for males and 8 for females, and will be awarded based on the best combined DNF and DYN performance in the 2024 qualifying competitions, including the 2024 Worlds in Belgrade.

ph. Fabio Bonanno

PL: Following the local qualifying competitions, one gets the impression that the athletes’ performances are gradually leveling upward. The number of participating athletes is growing. Growing number of youngsters in Young categories and participants in “Special.” How do you see the future of this discipline?

LB: Since I have been practicing the sport, I started in 2014, the number of participants, apart from the Covid break, has been on a regular upward trend, especially among young people: which is encouraging because somehow it is a discipline that is also becoming attractive to this audience. In my opinion, there will be more and more enthusiasts, the number of Instructors is increasing, Clubs are investing in training and scouting, competitions sell out within hours, and the very number of competitions on the calendar has increased.

PL: Last flash question. What, for you, is the number one enemy of the freediver? And what is the key to success in being able to always give your best?

LB: Certainly the presumption of coaching this sport like any other. Dry preparation, nutrition, and programming are important in performance, but the strength of a freediver lies in the mental management of performance, and I often notice that this is not given the proper emphasis.

I am always trying to improve myself, once I reach a goal my mind is already thinking what can change: I observe, analyze, reflect and push the bar higher.

ph. Paolo Travaglia