“After the magic moment when my eyes have opened to the sea, I have no more been able to see, think, and live as before.” Jacques Cousteau

Apneapassion is Passion for the Sea and the Oceans is an important part of our lives, passion for the intense blue of deep water, and passion for the light reflexes of surface water. Passion which means first of all respect for the natural laws of this submerged World, both from freedivers, but also spearos, who challenge themselves with their own strengths, without ever abusing of the gifts the Sea offers us, but protecting it in any possible way from the real threats: industrial mass fishing and pollution.

Apneapassion is born to talk in a new way about our passion for freediving and spearfishing, to deeply and truly test equipment, but also to unite spearos all over the world, to share emotions, create new friendships, to connect all parts of every country, from North to South, from East to West. Thanks to these connections, the voice of spearos will be stronger towards institutions, so to find the best solutions and regulations that can protect our beloved Sea and Ocean, but without prohibiting us to live it in the way we all love.