Salvimar harnesses

Two quite traditional harnesses by the extremely dynamic Italian company, Salvimar, the Drop and Krypsis Back Pack. Similar, but not the same, the two solutions are different in weight distribution and visually, with the first is black and the second made with the beautiful Krypsis camouflage. Such camouflage is part of a line of products such as wetsuit and speargun. The two harnesses have nice solutions especially for what concerns the specific new Salvimar weights.

Salvimar Krypsis Back Drop Harness

Kilos and pockets 


Six pockets to carry kilos for both the Salvimar Drop and Krypsis Back Pack. The positioning though is different. The first harness has all six pockets on the back, positioned in two vertical rows of 3 slots on the sides of the dorsal spine. The second harness has four pockets in one vertical row of 4 slots along the dorsal spine, while another pocket per side is positioned frontally on the straps on the side of the chest. The latter solution changes the distribution of the weights and also the feeling on the body.

Salvimar Drop Back Pack Harness pockets

Salvimar Krypsis Back Pack Harness pockets


Beautiful, neat and easy offer of new weights by Salvimar for these two harnesses. They can both host traditional weights of one or half a kilo weights usually utilized on belts. Still, Salvimar has designed flat squared weights (7.5 x 7.5 cm), covered with smooth plastic resin, of 500g (red), 750 g (yellow) and 1 kilo (black). The smooth surface of the weights and the shape permit a very easy insertion in the pockets of the harnesses. The two 7 mm holes made on the weights are useful to utilize the weights also as lead buoy.

Salvimar 500 g, 750 g and 1 kg weights

Material and sizes

Made in neoprene for the best elasticity, comfort and adherence to the wetsuit, the Drop and Krypsis Back Pack are offered in different sizes. S-M, L-XL and XL-XXL for the Drop Back pack, and M-L, XL-XXL for the Krypsis Back Pack. The frontal closing strap has also a possibility to be regulated.

Salvimar harness front adjustable strap and clip

Fitting and releasing

One single piece of neoprene with, as said, a frontal adjustable strap. The Salvimar harnesses adapt perfectly to the body of the spearo, thanks to the material and the different sizes. At the rear bottom, the harnesses can be connected to the weight belt to keep the “tail” in position, with no weights moving while duck diving and descending. The system is made of a Velcro strap that runs around the belt and closes easily. There is also the possibility to use a Nylon ring linked to the strap if one wants to connect to the belt with, for example, an elastic line.

Salvimar harness rear adjustable strap with Velcro and Nylon ring

At the back, where the “tail” connecting to the belt is, a clip is present for fast release. The complete release of the Salvimar harnesses is so obtained with the opening of the frontal clip and the rear “tail” clip. The harnesses come off easily, even though the neoprene can rest on the shoulders for just some moments before it comes off. 

Salvimar Krypsis Back Drop Harness wearing phases


Salvimar Krypsis Back Drop Harness taking off phases

Additional elements

There are no additonal elements on the Salvimar harnesses, such as safety whistle. This solution we suggest Salvimar to add and should be mandatory for safety. Nor have the harnesses an option where to position a small knife.