The Mares EOS Pro diving torch represents a great product part of a very strong 2024 by Mares, with probably the most aggressive offer on the market since some years. News are coming soon, but we can definitely say that Mares Pure Passion has today finally a completely renewed high level product offer for spearfishing. Werther it is spearfishing, freediving, or diving, the Mares OES Pro torch has amazing pluses and great technical characteristics.

Mares EOS Pro diving torch

The new Mares EOS Pro diving torch puts together high level materials, design, functionality, ergonomics, powerful light and a clever rechargeable solution with charge indicator. This torch, finally, represents a complete solution in every single detail, let’s see why.

Materials, design, dimensions and weight


The Mares EOS Pro spearfishing torch has the main body made of aircraft-grade, high-strength aluminium, machined from solid. The result is extremely beautiful and with a very high perceived quality.

Mares EOS Pro diving torch

The reflector is made of a special aluminium alloy. This permits to deliver the maximum light power.


Key is the design of the Mares EOS Pro, which puts together an anatomical shape and a surface with knurling. This is indeed the best solution to be able to hold the torch firmly and in the right position, without looking at the torch, even using thick neoprene gloves. The design of the switch, which comes out of the bigger square section of the torch, also helps to feel it easily with the thumb, a solution not present in many torches of the competition.

Mares EOS Pro diving torch

Two yellow rubber rings are present on the aluminium body of the torch. This additionally improves grip and makes the torch more visible in the water.

The head of the torch is tightened to the body simply screwing one on the other. The water seal is guaranteed by two O-rings. Two more are present as spare. Such design gives a guarantee of water resistance to -150 meters, 50 more than most of the competition. We will never go down 150 meters, but surely such value is a great guarantee of long lasting water tightness.

Mares EOS Pro diving torch

Dimensions and weight

The total length of the new Mares EOS Pro diving torch are 142mm the total length, 25.5mm the diameter of the grip and 35.5mm the one of the head. The weight of the torch including the battery is 226 grams.


Easily perceivable

The switch of the Mares EOS Pro torch is similar to many others on the market. Still, as anticipated, its greater thickness, compared to the solutions of much of the competition, makes a great difference. The switch is easily perceivable with the thumb even using thick gloves. Such solution gives the opportunity to better feel when the torch is correctly positioned in the hand. Additionally, the good perception of the button of the switch makes it much easier to activate it to turn the light on and off.

Mares EOS Pro diving torch

Battery charge indicator

Another great solution present on the switch of the new Mares EOS Pro torch is the battery charge indicator. When the light around the switch is green, the battery is almost full charge, yellow appears with half charge, and red when the battery is almost completely out of charge.

Bulb, power and reflector

The light bulb is a 1300 lumen CREE LED. CREEs are super high-performing, energy-efficient LEDs which provide a crisp, but low-glare output. The aluminium alloy reflector generates the best efficiency. A 4 mm thick tempered glass works as cover lens. The light beam concentrates all the light in an 8° cone. This small angle is perfect to penetrate in cracks and holes in the rocks. It also avoids the annoying reflection of the beam on the rock. This happens when the angle is too wide.

Rechargeable battery

No need for a recharging base for the 3000 mAh battery of the Mares EOS Pro torch. In fact, the rechargeable battery used in this torch has itself an USB-C type plug. It is easily rechargeable with any smartphone charger or cable. Additionally, there is no risk of damaging the torch and its charging plugs with salt water or any dirt while opening it. In fact, it is the battery itself which contains all the charging system.

Moreover, the battery itself shows the charge level thanks to a led. You do not need, in fact, to insert the battery in the torch to check the charge. This is an interesting novelty brought to market for the first time by Mares Pure Passion in this segment.

The charge of the battery lasts, as indicated by Mares, 90 minutes. Additionally, the new Mares EOS Pro torch is complete with protection against over-heating, reverse polarity and over-discharge.

Elastic lace

Believe it or not, even the elastic lace of a diving torch is very important. Some manufacturers offer a soft non elastic lace, adjustable with a clip, but this is not a good solution. In fact, the torch is able to move all around in the water and it becomes difficult to grab it. The torch is kept always close to the hand when instead a more rigid elastic lace is used. Such solution is the one on the Mares EOS Pro. Thanks to this rigid elastic lace, the torch also assumes a correct position. It is easily possible to grab it at any time. The switch will also be already positioned on the side of the thumb.