There are so many computer watches out there, and so many different prices, that it is hard to understand which is the product to buy. In the Freediving and Spearfishing sectors we have selected as Best Choice Finalists three very interesting computer watches, of different characteristics and prices: the Cressi King, the Seac Apnea HR and the Salvimar Freedive.

Cressi King

Cressi leads in the field of Computer Watches, both for Scuba Diving and Apnea. The Cressi King, specifically build for Apnea activities, in our opinion is an excellent product. As already presented in our X-Rays article, it has a fantastic design, with steel components, an excellent wide screen with very visible characters, and the unbeatable quality coming from a Made in Italy product signed Cressi Electronics. The latter is the company of Cressi, 100% focused on computer watches and based just next to Cressi Headquarters in Genova, Italy. The functions of the Cressi King include key alarms and information for safety, such as Taravana, Blood shift, maximum depth and time indications. In addition to all the qualities indicated, there is the possibility to download quickly and easily the data of each dive session, complete of all information like depth, dive time, surface time, water temperature and more. What is key, and not common to all diving watches, is that the connection to the PC or Mac, or to the smartphone through an App, is extremely easy and fast. A great product also on the software side. The quality is insured by Cressi, where all possible defects are monitored on each product, so each single computer watch, and not only one element of a batch of products, is tested and analyzed before going to market. In this, also the battery is checked.

Seac Apnea HR

A really beautiful computer watch by Seac, the Apnea HR (available also in the standard Apnea version, which changes in the colours and treatement of the crown) really deserves to be among the Best Choice Finalists as it is a great watch to use during apnea dives, but also in everyday life. We have presented deeply in our X-Rays column this computer watch by the Italian company, which has in its design and in the readability of the screen, thanks to the top quality LCD technology, two excellent qualities. Safety functions as the minimum surface time, or the Dehydration alert are present, together with the automatic measurement of the ascent and descent speed of each dive. The downloading of the data from the Seac Apnea HR to the pc is possible, but not very easy and automatic.

Salvimar Freedive

The Salvimar Freedive is a clever offer to have a light and affordable computer watch complete with all the basic functions needed for spearfishing and freediving. Water resistant down to 100 mt, measurement of Surface time, Diving time, Water temperature, and depth sensor with updates at intervals every 0.5 ms, the Salvimar Freedive can be a good choise to save some money. The materials are evidently mainly plastic, which makes the Freedive cheaper, but also very light. The strap is quite rigid, which makes it less comfortable worn on the skin, but perfect at sea , where actually it is very easy to insert it in the buckle to close it, even using thick gloves.

After the polymer and carbon fiber blade fins, the under 100€ sling spearguns, the torches, the accessories, the pneumatic spearguns, and the Indoor Apnea wetsuits, these are the Best Choice Finalists in the Computer Watches for the Freediving ans Spearfishing category…who will win?