The very strong Spanish athlete, David Fernandez Montero, with excellent results and participation in the most important national and international competitions, becomes an official Mares athlete. Our correspondent in Spain, Nuhazer Moreno Castillo, interviewed him about his upcoming plans, spearfishing, the national team and, of course, Mares Pure Passion products.

Nuhazer Moreno Castillo: How do you feel about this new beginning?
David Fernandez Montero:
The truth is that I did not plan to continue competing, or rather I was not 100% sure about it, but the interest shown by Mares and their support from the very first moment have encouraged me a lot.This adds a plus of motivation that always helps when it comes to minority sports. I’m really looking forward to it!!!

NMC: In which area do you usually spearfish?
My usual fishing area is Trafalgar, moving to Tarifa when the tides and wind allow it. It is in these areas where I find a greater variety of species and much cleaner waters.

David Fernandez Montero with Mares

NMC: We have seen that you are not in the list to go to the Euro-African, how do you see yourself to be in the nationals this year?
DFM: I received a call from the captain of the national team, but for work reasons I was forced to resign. A pity because I think the area and the type of fishing could favor me, but that’s the way things are. As I said before, minority sports do not have enough economic support to dedicate yourself exclusively to them. Other opportunities will come, I’m sure!!!! The nationals again will depend on the dates but if I can and I qualify I will go to give my all, as I always do, I’m at my best without any doubt.

NMC: Mares is a great brand, and has a lot of visibility in the world of spearfishing and freediving, besides you are a great professional, what reasons made you choose Mares?
DFM: Maresas you say, it is a great brand and like me is going through a great moment. Our synergies go hand in hand and their desire to grow has influenced me from the first minute. We will achieve many things together, I am sure of it.

NMC: I imagine that you have already tested a lot of material of the brand, which ones have you chosen and what sensations have you had?
DFM: Mares is in a clear process of expansion and will be introducing new products at a steady pace. So far I have been able to try many things that have pleasantly surprised me, such as their neoprene and the new Eos Pro flashlight.

Nuhazer Moreno Castillo: Which spearguns do you prefer?
David Fernandez Montero:
The spearguns I use are all the same, the Strike model in all sizes. I always use the same type of grip, that way I don’t have problems when it comes to changing the type of fishing. To my surprise, the adaptation has been very fast, asI was afraid that it would take me a long time to get used to the open muzzle, but now I am delighted.

NMC: And what mask do you wear?
Without a doubt, and I have yet to try any other model, my favorite mask is the VIPER model. It is the first time that when I put on a mask for the first time I have no discomfort, it was love at first sight, never better said!!! Hahaha

NMC: As for the fins, which ones are you using?
The fins I use both carbon models, the X-WING C-S and the C-EVO . The blades are brutal but the foot pocket is the best I’ve tried so far, I’ve never had that feeling of grip and thrust. Now we start the fishing season in the Almadraba and I will be retrieving tuna from the bottom of the sea, I want to put the X-WING C-S to the test and I can’t think of a more extreme scenario, I’ll tell you later what has been the result.

NMC: Thank you very much for always being available for us and we wish you the best in this new journey.