Voodoo line

After having seen the numerous models of the Salvimar Wild line , we go up a step to the 3 solutions of the Voodoo line. These are the Voodoo, Voodoo Rail Open and the V-Pro.

Handle and release mechanism

All three spears – arbaletes have the same handle. It is the same as the Wild line, and includes the trigger adjustment screwSensitive“, a nice symmetrical anatomical grip and a removable wide butt pad.

The release mechanism is similar to the Wild line, but the castle is upgraded with a 1 mm metal part covering the system and giving a better look. It also adds some more rigidity compared to 30% glass loaded nylon. The trigger is in Grivory.


The barrel is where the Voodoo Rail Open and the V-Pro makes a big step compared to the Wild line. In fact, the Wild line has none of the models with an integrated shaft guide on the barrel. The Voodoo Rail Open and the V-Pro instead have both an integrated shaft guide. On the other hand, the base version of the Voodoo is still missing such upgrade.

All 3 versions of the Voodoo have an aluminium barrel of 28 mm diameter and 1.3 mm walls thickness. The available lengths are 60, 75, 85, 95 and 105 cm for all 3 models.

Muzzle and bands

The Voodoo has a closed muzzle with a removable plastic bridge that can transform the solution in an open one. The elastic bands are the traditional pair of rubbers with screws and diameter is 16 mm for all lengths.

The Voodoo Rail Open and the V-Pro both have the more professional open muzzle, that you find only on the Wild Carbo Open in the Wild line. This is an easy to use open muzzle with a good dimensions and strong steel element to work as passage for the line. The band on the Voodoo Rail Open is a single circular solution with 17.5 mm diameter. On the V-Pro there are instead two circular 14 mm diameter elastic bands in the nice Salvimar acid green color.

Shafts & wishbones

Both the Voodoo and the Voodoo Rail Open have a Tahitian shaft made of 17-4 PH burnished stainless steel. The shaft had notches and evidently the wishbone is for both models a steel articulated reinforced solution. On the V-Pro the shaft is a beautiful Tahitian 17-4 PH burnished shaft with laser welded shark fins. The laser welding, we need to remind, gives the advantage of greater precision and avoids high heat on a large area of the shaft. Such heat would change the mechanical characteristics of the shaft and weaken it. Consequently to the use of the shark fins shaft, the wishbones of the two circular bands are in tied Dyneema.