Hero: the top of line line by Salvimar

Salvimar Wild, Salvimar Voodoo and Salvimar Metal: these lines of spearguns already cover a huge range of needs for the most demanding spearos. Still, Salvimar in recent years has moved up to higher powers and performances with the Hero range. In this line of spearguns we find advanced solutions and designs. With the Hero range the Italian company, which is fully Made in Italy, offers the Hero, the Hero Storm, the Hero Roller and the Tomahauk. Also, Salvimar has recently launched the Hero Krypsis, that we will present soon.

Hero and Hero Storm

The Salvimar Hero has been an amazing revolution since its launch in 2017. We presented it as World Première on Apneapassion first among all international media and social media. The first revolution of the Hero is in the elliptical section aluminium barrel. It includes internal I shaped nylon inserts to increase rigidity. The connection barrel to handle and barrel to muzzle is obtained with specifically designed elliptical O-rings. This is a high design solution that increases the internal air compared to the plugs. The increase in buoyancy helps support the use of higher diameter and heavier shafts. MIM (Metal Injection Molding) technology for the trigger and the Heavy Duty Metal trigger mechanism bring the Salvimar Hero to a higher level of performance and power. It can be compared with the much more costly wooden spearguns. The Hero is though much lighter and easy to brandish.

The Teflon loaded Nylon open shaft guide, integrated in the elliptical barrel with 5 cm segments to adapt to all lengths of the Hero, is an additional revolution. It improves at the same time precision of the shot and power, the latter by reducing friction thanks to the Teflon. The Hero is a completely new speargun part of the “new era” by the Italian company. This speargun does not miss out any detail, with lateral wings on the handle to move the line away from the line of aim. Also, the handle is strongly anatomical, indicated for powerful shots, as needed for example in the aspetto technique. The grip has a dismountable element to adapt it to left and right handers. The chest support is one piece with the handle and of good dimensions to help loading the longest and most powerful versions of the Hero. Additionally, the trigger can be adjusted with a special screw positioned under the hilt.

A beautiful version of the Salvimar Hero is definitely the Hero Storm, a camouflage version with military design based on grey, black and blue colors.

Salvimar Hero Storm

The Salvimar Hero is offered in the lengths from 65 to 135 cm in steps of 10 cm. The rubbers are double circular of 16 mm diameter until the length of 115 cm, while the 125 and 135 have triple circular 14 mm diameters rubbers. The shaft is 7.0 mm until the length 95 and moves than up to 7.5 mm diameter with the longer versions. The Salvimar Hero Storm is offered in the lengths 85, 95, 105 and 115 cm.

Hero Roller

Salvimar Hero Roller

All the qualities of the handle, the Heavy Metal Trigger mechanism and the barrel are evidently present also on the Roller version of the Hero, the Hero Roller. This simple Roller system is surely an easy way to move from a double circular to a Roller with user friendly design.

The Hero Roller is offered in the lengths from 65 to 135 cm in steps of 10 cm. The elastic bands are always 16 mm diameter, while the shaft is 7 mm until the 95 and then it moves up to 7.5 mm.

Salvimar Roller muzzle is the new solution that sees Derlin high dimension wheels (they can host rubber bands up to 19 mm diameter) mounted on 5 mm internal diameter and 1 mm thick wall stainless steel axle. Derlin permits to have a very strong and smooth material that definitely resists better to wear compared to glass loaded Nylon, and also reduces friction. This solution does not have the cost of wheels mounted on bearings and according to Salvimar has definitely no additional friction (wheels anyway should spin inside the water with braking effect of the liquid).

Something that must really be pointed out is also the fact that the design of the Salvimar Roller muzzle sees a V shaped tip which definately has a key function of permitting, unique on the market, to insert the shark fins shaft in the muzzle and along the shaft guide without having to lift the Dyneema wishbone. This is key for easyness of reloading the Salvimar Tomahawk and has been the base of the work done by Massimo Quattrone in developing this amazing product.


Salvimar Tomahawk

The name stands to give an idea of the extreme power of the top of the line Salvimar speargun, the Tomahawk. The base of the Tomahawk is the excellent one of the Hero, while the Roller muzzle is the same as the Hero Roller.

VUP: Very Unique Power

The elastic bands system mounted on the extraordinary base of the Hero and the excellent Salvimar Roller muzzle gives unbeatable performance.

The Salvimar Tomahawk power system sees the couple of main elastic bands positioned under the barrel close to the muzzle and linked on one side to the Dyneema wishbone and on the other connected to the 4 elastic secondary bands. The main (black) bands are the S400 16mm diameter with elongation controlled by inner core in Dymax line.

The 4 (red) secondary bands are the S400R rubbers of 15 mm diameter. Connection between the elastic bands is in Climax® 1.4mm with tensile strength of 250kg.

The secondary elastic bands are connected to a special glass loaded Nylon element under the barrel in front of the handle. This element also works as base for the mounting of the reel and the eventual camera mount.

Once the Salvimar Tomahawk is loaded we will have the main elastic bands on the top of the barrel, reaching just before the wheels of the muzzle, and the secondary elastic bands just below, as well shown in below video by Massimo Quattrone explaining well “How to load the Salvimar Tomahawk”.

Once the shaft is released the bands that will start pushing will be the secondary bands, that will give power equivalent to around 100-120 kg (each pair pushes for equivvalent 50-60kg). Then, after the first phase, the main elastic bands will start working adding to the secondary ones, putting another 60 kg on top and giving continuity to the shot and longer reach to the shaft. The internal line of the main bands in fact has the aim of tuning the system “locking” the maximum elongation for best efficiency.

As anticipated one of the key elements wanted by Salvimar was to design a powerful speargun which could include a highly developed power system still maintaining ease of use and reloading. To help such aspect an “easy load system” made of a rubber band with a hook makes it extremely easy and confortable to load the Salvimar Tomahawk with reduced effort. The Salvimar Tomahawk is proposed with a standard setting which is extremely easy to load, but also gives the opportunity to be tuned with an increase of load on the elastic bands by reducing the length of the Dyneema lines linked to the secondary bands and hooked to the inferior red element under the barrel just in front of where the reel will be positioned.