The first big revolution

The Salvimar Metal line moves to a higher level from the Voodoo one. We are now entering the really high professional area of Salvimar, starting from the Metal release mechanism. This gives the name to the various models of this line: the Salvimar Metal, the Salvimar Metal Krypsis, the Salvimar Sapiens Metal and the Salvimar Metal Roller.

Metal release system

The Metal release system has been designed and launched on the market in 2016 and has set new standards. The 100% steel mechanism has a 2 mm thick bridge box which gives a huge strength to the system and does not deform at all, even under high loads.This leads to reliability and constant performance in time, maintaining the correct angles between the various components. The bridge box itself is also reduced in dimensions, meaning the slot in the handle is reduced, with the result of having the latter stiffer.

In addition, the trigger is beautifully designed utilizing the MIM technology (Metal Injection Molding). Also the sear is entirely produced using MIM. This solution permits a much higher precision in the production of small metal elements compared to laser cut. Such plus evidently leads to a better functioning of the release mechanism, with greater smoothness and control, and also constant quality.

An additional key element of the Metal release mechanism is the small roller wheel present on the system. It is made in 17-4 ph steel and thermally treated to increase superficial strength. This avoids any wear in time between the relatively sliding surface of the trigger and the sear. No wear means constant performance in time as the roller wheel transforms sliding friction in rolling friction. The latter is much lower than the first. This also means a smoother release. In fact, the tests by Salvimar indicate that the effort on the trigger is definitely reduced. Let’s consider a load on the shaft and release mechanism equal to 100 Kg, which can be obtained with two 16 mm diameter circular elastic bands. The load on the trigger will be 0.6 Kg, compared to more than 1 Kg in the traditional system.

The Metal release mechanism includes the Sensitive trigger adjustment system.

The barrel

The barrel on the Salvimar Metal, the Metal Krypsis and the Metal Roller is made in high quality aeronautical aluminium. It has a high quality integrated shaft guide. The Salvimar Metal also utilizes the specific Salvimar design of the final part of the barrel towards the tip having a segmented integrated shaft guide. This should partially help swinging of the speargun, and also lighten its tip. In addition, the Salvimar Krypsis is colored with the beautiful Salvimar Krypsis camouflage. The camouflage is obtained through anodisation.

The barrel of the Salvimar Metal Sapiens is a real piece of art. It is made of 100% K300 carbon fiber of 1.5 mm thick wall. The shape is anatomical with an increased section and volume near the handle to balance the weight of the Metal release mechanism. It also has a reduced section moving towards the muzzle, to permit easy maneuverability. The integrated shaft guide gives the barrel an additional stiffness. As on the Salvimar Metal, the guide is fragmented in the final third of the length of the barrel to reduce lateral section, reduce weight and so improve side movement. An additional very interesting and key aspect is the fact that the barrel is filled with closed-cell expanded polyurethane. This determines a noise reduction of the barrel during the shot and prevents water from entering even in case of damage to the barrel itself. 

The lengths available for the Salvimar Metal line models are the following. The Salvimar Metal is 60, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115 and 125 cm. The Metal Krypsis has the same lengths, except for the 125 cm. The Metal Roller has all the lengths just as the Salvimar Metal. Finally, the Sapiens Metal is available in the lengths 85, 95, 105, 115 and 125 cm.

Muzzle, rubber bands and shaft

The muzzle of the Salvimar Metal, the Metal Krypsis and the Sapiens Metal is the traditional open muzzle by Salvimar. The elastic bands used are double 14 mm diameter circular bands on the Metal and the Sapiens Metal with 3.5 elongation coefficient. On the Metal Krypsis there are two of the new circular Eptagum S600 rubber bands, with heptagonal section and inscribed diameter of 14 mm.

The Salvimar Metal Roller of course has the dedicated Salvimar Roller muzzle. This is a new very advanced solution. High dimension wheels in Derlin (that can host rubber bands up to 18 mm diameter) are mounted on a 5 mm internal diameter and 1 mm thick wall stainless steel axle. Derlin permits to have a very strong and smooth material that definitely resists better to wear compared to glass loaded Nylon, and also reduces friction. This solution does not have the cost of wheels mounted on bearings and according to Salvimar has definitely no additional friction (bearings anyway should spin inside the water with braking effect of the liquid).

Something that must really be pointed out is also the fact that the design of the Salvimar Roller muzzle sees a V shaped tip which definitely has a key function of permitting, unique on the market, to insert the shark fins shaft in the muzzle and along the shaft guide without having to lift the Dyneema wishbone. This is key for easiness of reloading the Salvimar Metal Roller and any Salvimar solution with roller muzzle.

Elastic bands are two for the roller system and of 17.5 mm diameter and 3.3 elomgation coefficient, even though the muzzle has pulleys compatible with elastic bands of up to 18 mm diameter. 

The shafts used are on all the Salvimar Metal line the Capture with single bottom flopper made in 17-4 ph steel. They have shark fins with holes, including an advanced fin to help loading or to connect the line in the Roller solutions. Shark fins are manufactured with M.I.M. technology – Metal Injection Molding – and laser welded. The barb is the new scaled profile solution.

Setting up the Salvimar Metal and test

Let’s see below a video from Massimo Quattrone, Product Manager of Salvimar, showing how to setup a Salvimar Metal, and a video of our test of this great product.