The record growth of a Made in Italy company

We will never stop underlining how Salvimar has been indeed one of the, if not the number 1, most dynamic and aggressive companies on the market in the recent years. This regards both new and innovative advanced products, Salvimar spearguns in particular, but also events on the territory and important sponsorships like the 2021 World Spearfishing Championship in Arbatax, Italy. Since 1962, Salvimar has been driven for improvement and innovation. First, as a specialized contract machining supplier, and since 2010 as a Brand aimed at spearfishers and freedivers worldwide.

A specially designed range of high quality products that embodies the best technologies, quality and the most advanced design studies, paying attention to the right sporty look.

All products are designed in-house by Salvimar development team, with the collaboration of a state-of-the-art production sector consisting of a plastic moulding department, a mechanical machining center, with 15 numerically controlled lathes and a robotic island for the most sophisticated processing.

The company’s product development control is completed by two highly skilled assembly departments that allow Salvimar to manage the complete production process of most of their products internally, from engineering to the finished product.

In 2015 Salvimar has also entered the freediving, triathlon, swimming and later also the professional snorkeling sectors. With Alessia Zecchini, freediving World Champion and charismatic personality, and also thanks to extremely professional products, Salvimar has quickly become the point of reference in this specific sector.

In recent years, Salvimar have improved their customer service by expanding the shipping warehouse with an automated system that allows orders to be processed even in 48 hours.

From their more than 4,000 sqm site in Casarza Ligure, still growing for more demanding needs,the back office of the company now ships to more than 50 countries around the world. Today spearfishermen and freedivers recognize in Salvimar products that mix of high level technique, quality and style typical of the authentic MADE IN ITALY.

A record spearguns offer

Among the amazingly rich product line of the Italian Company, full of excellent products, point of reference on the market, the Salvimar spearguns line is astonishing.

17 different models and versions make the Salvimar sling guns line a record offer on the market. To these 7 different models of pneumatic solutions can be added. This makes the Salvimar spearguns offer the number 1 in terms of different models and versions, an absolute Record on the market. But quantity can only work together with quality, and this is where most probably Salvimar excels even more. The almost completely in-house Made in Italy design and production by Salvimar permits to the company to be extremely fast and effective in launching new products on the market. This always with also a strong testing and ability to fix and refine any youth problem.

Constant innovation

Not only quality, but also innovation. With these two assets moving along together to design and manufacture top of the line products. The Salvimar sling guns sector is the theme of the dossier that we introduce in this article. It will develop in more appointments describing in detail all the products. The innovations by Salvimar have followed one after the other since 2010. Of these, some present on Salvimar spearguns must be mentioned in particular.

From the extraordinary Metal release mechanism, and after that the Heavy Metal one. The trigger and the line release lever manufactured with MIM (Metal Injection Molding) technology for maximum dimensional precision. The roller wheel for the sear made of 17-4Ph heat treated stainless. The box of the release mechanism is made by a moulding process. Such solution gives much better dimensional precision compared to the laser cut. Also, the Teflon dismountable shaft guide on the Hero, the trigger position adjustment system on almost all the spearguns line.

And more: the elliptical barrel of the Hero line, with specific dedicated elliptical rubber rings, to improve buoyancy. In the smaller speaguns line, the Wild family with carbon barrel, including the Roller version. The internal I section segments in Nylon to additionally improve the rigidity of the Hero family barrel. Key is also the use of materials such as Grivory instead of steel on the triggers of the more affordable spearguns. These are the ones of the Wild and the Vodoo families. Grivory is a very high quality material of excellent mechanical characteristics. They go beyond the ones of glass loaded Nylon and can well substitute metal, at a lower cost.

When talking about the spearguns line, shafts are also a key element. Three aspects are extremely advanced on Salvimar shafts. The first is the use of laser welding of the shark fins. This does not heat the shaft too much and so does not change its characteristics. The second is the MIM technology utilized to manufacture the shark fins. The third are the barbs with scaled profile for the same strength but reduced weight.

Four families for a record spearguns line

Only taking into account the sling guns line, as said we have 17 different models and versions by Salvimar. The main families, from the affordable to the top of the line ones, are the Wild, the Voodoo, the Metal and the Hero. The Wild family includes the Wild, the Wild Pro, the Wild Carbo, the Wild Carbo Roller, the Wild Carbo Stone and the Wild Carbo Open.

Salvimar Wild family

Among the Voodoo family we find the Voodoo, the Voodoo Rail Open and the V-Pro.

Salvimar Voodoo family

The Metal family is made of the Metal, the Metal Krypsis, the Metal Roller and the Metal Sapiens. It takes its name from the release mechanism,The latter is a beautiful carbon fiber barrel solution.

Salvimar Metal family

Finally, the Hero family sees the Hero, the Hero Storm, the Hero Roller and the Tomahawk. The latter is the most powerful of all Salvimar sling guns

Salvimar Hero family