Masks certification

After more than 9 years of analysis and testing of spearfishing and freediving masks, Apneapassion Team has managed to identify all the key parameters to control and be able to measure two key characteristics of a diving mask: the Internal Volume and the Field of View.

Once these parameters have been defined, two special machines have been designed and built to be able to measure and certify with extreme precision and repeatability both the Internal Volume and Field of View of all diving masks.

Today Apneapassion is able to measure such values for all diving masks and compare them. In the specific sections “Internal Volume” and “Field of View” you will find the updated results and standings of the masks measured as of today.

The Internal Volume and Field of View are very important values of a mask, especially in spearfishing and freediving, but also scuba diving and snorkeling. Still, it is clear that the most important aspects of a mask remain the comfort and perfect water seal.