The new Sigasub Nemesis HT is indeed the great winner of the Best Choice by Apneapassion 2023, in the category which includes roller, inverter and vela spearguns. Here the complete test and review by our Roberto Poggioli, member of the Italian Spearfishing Team and first category athlete in the Italian Championship.


“The Sigalsub Nemesis HT is extremely precise in the shot in any condition. I must say though, but this is probably a very personal sensation and opinion, that the barb positioned in the inferior part of the shaft is not my preferred. I see that the shaft in long shots, in fact, tends to lower in the final part of the shot, not for lack of power, but probably for an hydrodynamic effect.”


Absolutely amazing! With 3 rubbers the Sigalsub Nemesis HT has an extremely long and powerful shot, all I could ask from a speargun to be used in the aspetto technique and with big fish. Of course, with a shorter version, I tested the 116 cm, it could be a good solution for other techniques as well.


“The recoil of the Sigalsub Nemesis HT is absolutely null, an aspect that of course increases additionally the precision of the shot. This is expected from such kind of power solution, but indeed the Nemesis HT does it all perfectly.”

Ease of charging

“The inverter and vela spearguns are sometimes excluded from the choice of spearos due to the difficulty and complexity of loading them, compared to traditional solutions. The Sigalsub Nemesis HT, instead, takes just a little more to load than a double circular rubber speargun. It is very quick and intuitive. The absence of a loading accessory is definitely a plus, something you cannot lose and don’t have to bring with you. Surely the Nemesis HT can be used even by less experienced spearos.

Swing and balancing

The swing of the Nemesis HT is also extremely good, even comparable with a single rubber speargun; very light! The balancing is absolutely perfect! This is due to the setup and the extremely light and compact muzzle.

One improvement

As said, the compact and light muzzle (only 59 grams) is a very intelligently designed component, and helps the swing and the balancing a lot. Still, the shape of such part requires a positioning of the monofilament which is not so intuitive. Additionally, if the monofilament is not attently positioned it may not keep the shaft in the perfect position. So, it works fine, but it is not 100% user friendly.