The title of this test has the name of this version of the Cressi Cherokee, the POWER, written in capital letters, as indeed this setting of the top of the line speargun by Cressi generates excellent performance. Two 16 mm diameter circular bands push a 7 mm diameter shark fins shaft, producing an extremely powerful shot, which also has the sufficient weight of the shaft to definitely penetrate big fish. Indeed, we were lucky and had the opportunity to experiment the great performance and effectiveness of the Cressi Cherokee Power. But first, before the shot, let’s analyze all the sensations in using this great speargun by the Italian company.


The Cressi Cherokee Power is complete with a special solution by the Italian company to help loading the speargun. In fact, the muzzle is designed with two magnets, embedded in plastic to avoid any oxidation and consequent rust, which help in keeping the shaft in position during the loading phase. Additionally, in some situations where speed in reloading is needed, it is even possible to position the shaft without blocking it with the monofilament. Such solution definitely helps the reloading phase.

Moreover, the muzzle is so well designed with all the passages for the monofilament which are perfectly shaped to lock it immediately and easily. The Cressi muzzle is definitely one of the best on the market. The shaft guide additionally helps loading, and the release mechanism safely and reliably blocks the shaft. All this make the loading phase of the Cressi Cherokee Power excellent.

A weaker point is the chest support element, which is of good dimensions and definitely well designed. Still, the flat and very smooth area which comes to contact with the chest determines that the grip generated while loading is not optimal. A rough surface, or at least not a completely flat profile one, would be a better solution.


One key aspect of all Cressi spearguns, and definitely of the Cherokee, is the design of the handle and the angle between this and the barrel. This is an strong asset we have always underlined about Cressi spearguns. Such design permits to have a very precise and intuitive shot in all conditions. The release mechanism works perfectly, is sufficiently silent and the sensitivity of the trigger, even if not adjustable, is of a very good level.

The recoil, even though the Cressi Cherokee Power is well loaded with two double 16 mm bands and an important 7 mm diameter shaft, is extremely reduced. This is also thanks to the great design of the handle and all the angles which make the speargun. Moreover, the line of aim is clean and so makes it easy to take the aim. One minor aspect that we have not liked though, is the net cut of the elastic bands, which determine in the area of the Dyneema wishbone two white round sections that are a little bit annoying to have close to the line of aim.


What can we say? The name of the Cressi Cherokee Power says it already, but indeed we can confirm the power of this speargun is excellent. A confirmation of this has come during our test, when we were lucky to encounter a shoal of 30 amberjacks of around 3-4 Kgs. With a single shot the 7 mm diameter shaft was able to penetrate two big fish of almost 4 Kgs, making it possible to bring both of them on the boat. Wow!