Historic brands like Mares and Seac, and newcomers setting the pace like Salvimar: these three brands have conquered the podium of the Best Choice in the Pneumatic Spearguns category. The Best Choice Finalists are: Mares Cyrano 1.1, Seac ASSO C/R and Salvimar Predathor Vuoto.

Mares Cyrano 1.1

Among the Best Choice Finalists is the Mares Cyrano 1.1, the heir of the Mares Medisten, which needs no presentation. Mares is a leading company in the pneumatic spearguns sector for the great audience. Even buying a base pneumatic speargun from Mares, as the Jet, the choice is right. The Mares Cyrano 1.1 with a 40 mm tank, the light one-piece muzzle, the offset 11 mm barrel to improve the line of aim, the steel trigger and lateral line release lever (the only model to have them in steel among the finalists), and the EVO piston for reduced friction and more power make this speargun a real jewel.  Good loading handle with steel reinforcement, great swing and correct lateral position of the release lever which avoids the line to hook up to rocks or weeds. The safety lock is the best one, very perceivable by the right-handers when in the lock position. Improvements could be made with a steel Tahitian shaft instead of a threaded non-steel solution, and the blue handle, even though nice, but less visible from the surface.

Seac ASSO 115 CR

The Seac Asso is another great product among the Best Choice Finalists, and part of the great history of pneumatic spearguns. The new version has many upgrades. The handle has a red rubber cover for best grip, but the visibility is low when on the sea floor when looking from the surface. The line release lever below the hilt is not the most modern and efficient solution. Excellent are the notches on the handle and muzzle to help the alignment and the fast aiming.  The power regulator has an edgy design which feels a little bit uncomfortable when pushing it for adjustment. Good swing, while the balance is a little bit heavy at the tip (muzzle side). The trigger has a very good sensibility, the handle determines a great grip and is perfect for size L hands. The power is excellent even if there is no “Vuoto” system. As the Mares Cyrano, a pity the shaft used is a non-steel threaded solution, even in the long versions, where a steel Tahitian would be better.

Salvimar predator vuoto

The Salvimar Predathor Vuoto is the pneumatic speargun which can be immediately used exiting the shop. Salvimar has made huge efforts to offer an excellent product under all aspects at a very reasonable price. The Salvimar Predathor line has a new handle and a “Ninja like” wheel aligned laterally with the barrel. Such solution permits to have the line release lever always ready. The muzzle has a lateral passage for the line so the latter does not interfere with the spearfishing action.

The Salvimar Predathor in the Vuoto version is the only speargun among the finalists with the Vuoto system included. It utilizes a cup like gasket which is simple and effective. In such a way, with a single gasket, it can be easily substituted (a replacement gasket is included) even at sea. The power adjustment lever gives maximum power when moved forward. The minimum power is really reduced, and so permits a good shot from very close or among the rocks without the risk of bending the shaft. The shaft is a very nice steel Tahitian solution. The swing is anyway extremely good. Maybe a notch on the handle for the line of aim would be a good additional solution.

After the polymer and carbon fiber blade fins, the under 100€ sling spearguns, the torches and the accessories, this is the podium of the pneumatic spearguns…who will win?