Carbon fins are the ultimate expression of performance and lightness for spearfishermen and freedivers, unfortunately also the ultimate expression of price. If for fins with polymer blade we evidently defined the finalists of the Best Choice on the basis of performance related to a public entering the world of spearfishing and spearfishing, or who wants to spend little on fins that will allow him good surface transfers and dives up to 15 – 20 meters maximum, here we are talking instead about theabsolute excellence in the market..

We defined the finalists as carbon fins. In the area of carbon blade fins C4 Carbon has certainly been a leader for years, and it is no coincidence that no less than two models from this company are in the finals, the C4 MB-002 and C4 S-990. But also Cressi has done a tremendous amount of work on carbon blades combined with their Modular foot-pocket, making fins with excellent performance and extraordinary comfort, the Cressi Gara Turbo Carbon Camo.

C4 MB-002

Lightweight, fluid with tremendous thrust, the C4 MB-002 are for us at Apneapassion the best fins ever made by C4. With the C4 250 foot-pocketand the blade made with the revolutionary new hydroforming process, exceptional performance is achieved concretely and not just on paper. The price is absolutely competitive considering the product. For technical details find everything at

Cressi Gara Turbo Carbon Camo

Cressi has really impressed us with these carbon fins. Always a leader in the polymer fin industry, today Cressi finally comes up with some Carbon fiber blade fins with top-level performance. The thrust is extraordinary in all conditions, and here is the strength of these fins, excellent in all kinds of uses. The foot-pocket provides excellent comfort for prolonged use, certainly important in the long spearfishing sessions of experienced spearos. Mimentism is really beautiful. The online price is the best among the finalists.

C4 S-990

Pure technology and performance! With the C4 S-990, the company has dared and invested, conceiving a product based on insights from the past, but finally realizing it in the right way. The blade under the foot-pocket allows significantly better hydrodynamics, while you can even adjust the fin characteristics by moving the blade attachment back and forth. So we are talking about the ultimate in technology and performance, exploitable only by very experienced freedivers and spearfishermen. They are therefore worth the price they cost, which, however, is only for some.

In their category the carbon fin finalists have been determined, let’s see which one will be the winner!