Cressi Lumia+, Mares EOS Beam and Salvimar Galactika

Here are the finalist products of the BEST CHOICE by Apneapassion in the torches category, voted by our International Team of Athletes: CRESSI LUMIA+, MARES EOS BEAM, SALVIMAR GALACTIKA. In a couple of weeks the winner torch of the Best Choice will be communicated, and in the meatime here are the specific reviews that have led to this podium.

Cressi Lumia+

The CRESSI LUMIA+ excels among all torches in the preforming of the main body which allows it to be gripped correctly at all times, without having to look at the torch when grabbing it. The elastic strap helps to always keep the torch on the wrist in the correct position with the switch facing the thumb. The switch is the best on the market, with an excellent design so to have perfect control even with thick gloves, while the positions, Off, On steady, and On sliding, make this torch an excellent choice. The light beam, thanks to the ultra-transparent lens specifically designed by Cressi technicians, is the most concentrated (8°) and penetrating on the market. Not small in size, and made of plastic material, the LUMIA+ is not rechargeable.

Mares EOS Beam

The MARES EOS BEAM is extremely refined, reduced in size, and made of anodized aluminium. Excellent charging system with USB type C cable that allows the use of any mobile phone charger. The light that indicates the charge is very useful, while the button switch can be less perceptible with thick gloves, and the cylindrical symmetry shape of the body makes it more difficult to grasp the torch in the correct position, i.e. with the switch facing the thumb. The rough surface of the torch body ensures a firm hold in the hand. Among the finalist torches, the EOS BEAM is the only one compact enough to be able to keep it comfortably slipped on the arm using an elastic band (not supplied). The power of the light beam of 1053 lumens is very good.

Salvimar Galactika

SALVIMAR GALACTIKA excels in the sealing system, which makes it non-removable and therefore 100% watertight without any risk of water infiltration over time. The preformed body is excellent and allows you to grab the flashlight in the correct position without looking at it. The good-sized switch helps this aspect further, as well as being well manageable with the thumb, even with thick gloves. However, the plastic material without a rubber cover of the Galactika body makes it less firm in the hand. The torch is rechargeable with a dedicated magnet connector which does not require opening the torch itself, but at the same time it must always be carried with you for recharging. There is a light indicating the level of charge. The power of the light beam is excellent, 1500 Lumen, even if not very concentrated.