The Accessories category is a particular one, where even very different products are put together to select the most interesting. So the comparison is different from the other 10 categories of the Best Choice, and it is not a matter of which product is better than the other, but mainly of which is more interesting and brings the best idea on the market. We have selected very interesting accessories. The C4 MB (Marco Bardi) Concept & Design Back Safety Support is very useful in many ways, such as back pain relief, helping the correct position of the spearo and keeping the weights still. The new very detailed Seac Bridge float, is full of accessories as presented on our web magazine, the Mares Hydro Propel buoy is very well designed and strong with included a compact air pump and connections for spearguns and accessories. The Sigalsub Storm knife has a special well designed magnet system which definitely helps inserting the knife in the folder without having to look at it, as the magnet attracts the metal blade in the correct position. The Picasso Tiger knife is one of the best looking and neatest knives on the market, 100% steel. The Beuchat Hammer float is a top-quality rigid inflatable float to help in long transfers when spearfishing and also gives great visibility with a big high signal flag. Connections for spearguns and other accessories are plenty. The Subea SPF500 long buoy brings a clever concept of swimming in the sea buoys to the spearfishing sector, where the long buoy can be filled with objects which need to be kept dry, such as wallet and mobile phone, permitting the spearo to go spearfishing from the shore bringing with him valuables. But the Best Choice finalists of the Accessories category have finally been:

The Cressi Piovra XL long fins backpack, the Salvimar Poncho and the Subea SPF900 backpack buoy, the latter deeply presented in our X-Rays column on

Subea SPF900 backpack buoy

Extremely clever, well made with absolutely top-quality material, the Subea SPF900, as you can read on, can definitely be a good choice as an accessory. You can bring, as a backpack, your full diving equipment in it, a wetsuit, spearguns, long fins, and mask, snorkel and even a towel. When getting changed you can put your clothes in the Subea SPF 900 blow it up and use it as a big buoy, with a very high greatly visible flag. Really something so useful for whoever wants to dive and spearfish from the shore and does not want to leave anything behind. The water sealing zip is really great.

Cressi Piovra XL backpack

Extremely well refined, with the perfect size for long freediving or spearfishing fins, the Cressi Piovra XL backpack bag permits to store many objects in it, with the central store, made of waterrepellent dry material, even if not watertight, perfect for the wetsuit and other objects. The secondary compartment, the outside pocket, is a cool refrigerator bag for the transport of cold drinks or even fish! The external elastic with braided laces allows the inserting of other objects, such as the towel. The two sides are equipped with fixing systems for two spearguns.

Salvimar Poncho

The Salvimar Poncho is a really cool protective solution for extremely cold weather, with a very tough water-repellent dry 100% Nylon external material, and an internal warm fast drying sponge inner fabric material (85%polyester – 15% polyamide). Complete with a cap and pockets, one size, the Salvimar Poncho is more than a traditional solution product, bringing high quality and resistant materials and top cold-protective solutions. It can be easily worn on top of the wetsuit for additional thermal protection, when eventually moving around with the rubber dinghy or open boat.