Sigalsub is constantly working on top quality solutions for spearfishing. The claim “Only4proplayer” definitely gives the right message. Surely the Sigalsub Nemesis and Nemesis Carbon spearguns have been key for the Italian company to grow beyond high quality and successful products such as shafts, elastic bands, reels, muzzles and wishbones. With the Minima mask, which flanks the X-Wide, the Sauron and the Mate, Sigalsub probably adds to its line the most well finished model.

Frameless and compact

Definitely designed to offer an extremely compact solution, the Sigalsub Minima mask is frameless. This means the mask has no additional external frame, but only an internal chassis. The latter, and this is key, is rigid enough to avoid flexion in its center between the lenses. Such solution avoids deformation of the mask for better water seal and no image distortion underwater. In addition, the frameless solution helps to bring the lenses closer to the eyes and reduces the internal volume while improving the field of view. In general, such solution permits to have a very compact mask, also with very good hydrodynamics.

Dimensions (AP measures) of the Sigalsub Minima are 14.8 cm as maximum width of the chassis, while its height is 6.3 cm. The facial profile is 9.2 cm high and 13 cm wide. The lenses have a profile shaped as an irregular pentagon with rounded angles. The maximum free dimensions of the lenses are 54 mm high and 56 mm wide.

Compactness also leads to lightness, and the weight of the Sigalsub Minima is limited to 130 grams.


The facial of the Sigalsub Minima, made in very soft silicone, is extremely well finished. The external surface is matt to avoid producing light reflects that could scare the fish. Internally, the entire circumference band which comes to contact with the face is glossy. This solution is applied as the water seal in such way is improved compared to a matt (micrometrically rough) solution. The rest of the internal surface is again rough, as this once more avoids light reflexes. They could be, in fact, annoying to the eyes of the spearo.

To reduce to the minimum the internal volume the internal area on the sides of the nose in convex to reduce air. Such design is also done to improve the correct central positioning of the mask on the face.

The external surface on the sides of the nose “pocket” is rough to improve grip during equalization using the thumb and index finger.

Side buckles and rear strap

Sigalsub Minima side buckles

Attention to detail is also present on the side buckles and rear strap. The first, connected through a soft silicone “tongue” of the facial directly to the chassis, has a very easy adjustment system. In fact, using the thumb and the index finger it is easily possible to press vertically the two buttons, positioned one above and one below the buckle, to unlock the strap and adjust its length.

The strap itself is also very well finished. The design is made of two main bands with and X connecting them. The wide design of the band helps correctly position it on the head. The internal surface is rough to improve grip.

Sigalsub Minima mask rear strap


The Sigalsub Minima mask is compact, light and well finished in every detail. Even though the Italian company does not design and produce directly masks, they have for sure chosen a top of the line solution to add to their offer. The internal volume is predicted to be extremely low, to reduce the need of equalizing the mask in deep dives. The frameless design brings the lenses close to the eyes and helps improve the field of view, key for spearfishing. Such an extreme solution must be, as always with masks, tried on at the shop and is particularly indicated for professional and deep spearfishing. “Only4proplayer”!