Reel range

Sigalsub, the Italian company specialized in spearfishing equipment, and producing inhouse a great number of machined components for many spearfishing products, perfect for personalizing equipment, has a complete number of spearguns reels. 9 solutions, with 3 dimensions, 60, 80 and 100 mm diameter, and 3 materials, glass loaded Nylon (MUL60-80 and 100), aluminium (Edy Aluminium) and carbon fiber (Edy Carbon).

Slight difference between the glass loaded Nylon versions, equipped with a steel line cover, and the Edy solutions, with a spinning cylinder with the same function of keeping the line well positioned inside the reel track.

All Sigalsub reels have a clutch that can be easily regulated with a well designed knob, and also a useful elongation system for the winch, that can be kept short in ormal condtions and elongated for faster and more comfortable winding of the line.


As always a deeper check by AP for some additional details, in this case regarding weight, as the different materials also lead to different values. Here the table of contents:

Reels Weights in grams Nylon Aluminium Carbon fiber
60 mm 115 gr 135 gr 140 gr
80 mm 135 gr 160 gr 180 gr
100 mm 165 gr 210 gr 230 gr


Connections to speargun

Connections to the speargun is obtained with two screws. Holes for the screws on the steel base of the reels are actually with a long shape to permit different positions and adaptations. Below the table of distances.

Distances from central axle in mm (distance from axle + length of the hole)
60 mm 18 + 10 + (8 + 7)* *has double hole
80 mm 23 + 15
100 mm 23 + 15


Free space for the line

Another parameter which slightly differs between the 3 materials is the thickness of the upper and lower circular elements. Such variable value actually determines a different height available inside reels of the 3 different materials to position the line.

Free hieght inside the reel
Glass loaded Nylon 31 mm
Aluminium 33.7 mm
Carbon fiber 33.7 mm


Meaning that an Aluminium and carbon fiber reels can host 9% more line than the glass loaded nylon solution, still maintaining the same diameter.