Sigalsub has started with and has at the base of its production equipment such as spearfishing shafts and release mechanisms, but in general all that can be produced by machining, that the Italian company does completely on its own. Sigalsub is also known for its innovations and setting of high quality standards in the spearfishing world. Some products like the Ghost shaft have shown revolutionary ideas, that have not always been appreciated or undertood.

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Sigalsub Nemesis

Sigalsub Nemesis

Last year Sigalsub, after long research and development, has launched a much waited for sling speargun, the Sigalsub Nemesis. It is, indeed from what we have seen and touched, a very well designed product, made for high level spearfishing. The Sigalsub Nemesis is offered in the lengths 64-76-82-92-104-116 cm. The starting list price for the base version (76 cm black Nemesis with single circular Reactive 16 mm diameter elastic band and 6.25 mm diameter Tana shaft with pins) is 157.90 € for the version with no reel and single circular band. On-line price is, at the moment this article in published, equal to 142.49 €. For updates of best guaranteed on line price click here.

Technical characteristics

Muzzle & bands
Sigalsub Nemesis muzzle & double elastic bands
Sigalsub Nemesis muzzle & double elastic bands inferior view

Sigalsub Nemesis has as basic characteristic the great personalization possibility. The basic version has a one circular band muzzle made of 30% glass loaded Nylon. Such muzzle is incledibly compact, probably the most compact of the sling spearguns of this dossier. Still, the muzzle can be also chosen with two passages for double circular bands setup. Standard circular band used is the Reactive 16 mm, but upgrade can be done also with 2 circular bands (with dedicated muzzle) Brown Sigal Sub, 14.5/16/17.5 mm diameter. Elongation coefficient is 3.1-3.2 (310-320%). The inferior line holder is of good dimensions, as it is also used for external passage of the Nylon line, and made with steel wire for greater duration. The wishbones are in tied Dyneema. 

Sigalsub Nemesis

The barrel is made with a 28 mm external diameter tube in 6082 Aluminium alloy, with variable thickness of the walls and external anodized surface . The barrel is complete with integrated. Lower part of the barrel has a thicker wall than the rest of the tube to, together with the effect of the integrated shaft guide rail, increasing rigidity of the barrel, especially in the vertical direction (the most challenged). Water sealing of connection between muzzle-barrel and handle are made with double O-rings in the male insertion of muzzle and handle, and rubber plugs inside the barrel.

Release mechanism
Sigalsub Nemesis release mechanism

Release mechanism is where Sigalsub is strong in know-how and production and this has also led many spearos to request the complete handle fo the Nemesis to build their own personalized spearguns. Made of 100% AISI 316 stainless steel, including the castle, and the trigger, the release mechanism is shifted backward to the extremes increasing the power load for the same length of speargun. The trigger is also upgraded with an interesting double option of Nylon cover of two different thicknesses to adapt to smaller and bigger hands.

The line release lever is in the modern and most efficient lateral position and it is also made of AISI 316 stainless steel, always a good solution to resist to wear and deformation. Such lever can be quite easily moved from the right to the left side of the handle. 

No security system is present. According to Sigalsub the absence of the security system makes the release mechanism actually more safe…seems a contradition, but this is what Sigalsub claims, as the system is simplified.

Sigalsub Nemesis handle right view
Sigalsub Nemesis handle left view and variable interchangeable thickness trigger mount

The handle has an anathomical left and right hander design and is made of 30% glass loaded nylon, just as the muzzle, and has a special softer Santoprene TPV anti-slip orange rubber element covering the grip. There no lateral “wings” that permit to best position the line away from the line of aim. The handle is designed to mount Sigalsub reels in a shifted backward position for best balancing and brandishing. For best on-line price guaranteed of Sigalsub reels click here). In the bottom part of the handgrip there is a well designed integrated passage, one piece with the grip, for positioning a line. In the rear part the handle a well shaped and good dimensions gun butt is one piece with the handle.


The shaft is a 6.5 mm diameter Sandvik material solution Tana shaft with notches, single barb with no machining to improve penetration. Still, Sigalsub has a fantastic offer of shafts, with higher and lower shark fins and pins, or notches, and includes the revolutionary Salvimar Ghost shaft. For best price guaranteed of Sigalsub Ghost shaft click here.

Comes with

The base version comes with Nylon and sleeves, while more complete versions include Sigalsub reels. Camo versions are available for a slightly higher price, while in a different segment also carbon fibre versions of the Nemesis (Nemesis Carbon) are available. Nice, compared to all other spearguns of the dossier, the dedicated Nylon bag included.

In brief

The Sigalsub Nemesis is definately a new generation sling speargun, with many extremely high level characteristics, like the release mechanism 100% stainless steel and back shifted, the barrel with reinforcement of the walls, and the back shifted reel. Also, the particularity of the Sigalsub Nemesis is the incredible number of versions available, which give the spearo a really good choice from where to pick from, finding the perfect match for his needs, maybe sometimes confuzing him a little bit though.

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