One of the key products from Sigalsub is definately the shaft line, that the Italian company produces since its birth. Sigalsub shafts include special tips, laser welded shark fins, high and low pins, notches, and Sandvik steel with thermal treatment for 48/50 HRC value hardness. Hardness can also be checked on this interesting dedicated article.

Sigalsub shafts wishbone connections

Sigalsub shafts offer includes single and double barb, also with optional cone for best penetration. Shark fins all have holes for the passage of the line, an additional option that is definately a plus.

Sigalsub shafts tips & barbs

This Sigalsub shafts line also includes Ghost shafts, a patented and innovative solution presented and analyzed already by AP some months ago, and which delivers great performance with some downsides in case of specific uses. Another special very useful version is the Tana shaft, for the use among the rocks and the holes where the fish hide completes the offer. The shorter tip and shaft barb are in fact key to avoid the first to easily bend, and the second to get stuck in the hole. The shorter barb also helps it to open even in small spaces where the shaft cannot penetrate deeply the fish.

All this, with a specific attention that Sigalsub, compared to other companies, can afford to have on details, thanks to manual assembly, polishing and finishing.

Shaft line offer includes the lengths and diameters indicated in below chart:

Model Lengths in cm Diameters in mm
Notches from 90 o 170 from 6.00 to 7.00
Low and high pins from 90 to 190 from 6.25 to 8.00
Shark fins from 90 to 170 from 6.25 to 7.00
Shark fins from 115 to 190 from 7.50 and 8.00
Tana from 75 to 120 6.25 and 6.50
Ghost from 110 to 160 from 6.50 to 7.50