Setup your speargun

After the look at the reels range by Sigalsub, let’s now view the complete and high quality list of Sigalsub muzzles, with which you could change the setup of your Sigalsub speargun, or any other speargun of other brands.

Traditional muzzles

Extremely compact open muzzles, the offer by Sigalsub sees the single hole, single circular elastic band solution, and the double hole, double circular elastic band option. Both are offered in black and in the new green colour born together with the new Sigalsub Nemesis speargun. The two muzzles have been weighed by AP equal to 35 (single band) and 40 (double band) grams.

Roller muzzles

For Roller muzzles Sigalsub really offers any possible solution: with plastic wheels, plastic wheels on a special material axle, and plastic wheels on bearings. All of these are available with aluminium and carbon fiber line stoppers, and also with the new compact stainless steel stopper.

Sigalsub Roller muzzles line

Weights are respectively: 90 grams for the carbon fiber stopper solution, 100 grams for the aluminium, 100 for the compact design steel solution.

In theory wheels on bearings have a reduced friction and last longer with constant performance, simple wheels generate more friction and wear out in time, while wheels on special material axles are a bit in between the two.