Care in every detail

The Sigalsub X-Wide mask is the new offer by the Italian company in this dossier. It is the mask that Tiziana Martinelli, the new charismatic Sigalsub Italian woman athlete, is going to wear in her future spearfishing competitions. Still, the masks line sees also the frameless Sauron and the traditional Mate, the latter also available with integrated camera support. Definitely the Sigalsub X-Wide impresses, as we shall see, for all the details that are present to offer a top of the line product. This, starting from the frameless solution.

Construction, compactness and field of view

As we know, the frameless solution is a production which utilizes very advanced technology. The perfect and reliable fusion of skirt, lenses and internal chassis is a delicate process. Still the Sigalsub X-Wide seems to be extremely well manufactured. The connection of the skirt to the frame is excellent. The compactness of the mask, thanks to the frameless technology and to a very intelligent design, is very high. The double tempered high resistance lenses appear to be very close to the eyes for a great field of view (we will measure it in the coming weeks). The internal chassis is rigid, but still leaves some space to flexion centrally.

The skirt

The skirt of the Sigalsub X-Wide is definitely a top level solution. It is in silicone with matt surface both externally and internally. Still, the surface of the internal border band that comes to contact with the face is glossy. This can be a good idea to optimize the adherence to the skin and avoid water leaks. Externally, on the forehead, the skirt has two thickened bands to improve the rigidity of such area and avoid it from deforming too much under the pull of the rear strap. Aesthetically these two bands, in glossy surface, continue the X designed centrally on the chassis. The nose area has a rough surface on both sides to help the fingers to squeeze the nose for equalization. Internally, at the base of the nose there are two protuberances to improve comfort and reduce internal volume. On the upper part of the nose the angle changes with the internal profile becoming more vertical to adapt well to the forehead without pressing on it. The Sigalsub X-Wide is offered only in total black.

Rear strap adjustment and design

The rear strap has a simple design in glossy silicone with two bands connected centrally. There is enough passage to position the snorkel behind the head. Such solution keeps the tube more firm during the dive compared to the lateral position. The buckles are connected directly to the skirt. The quality of the silicone will be key in this kind of solution to guarantee the correct resistance. The micro-metric adjustment system has two opposite vertical buttons, extremely easy to act on.

Dimensions and weight

The Sigalsub X-Wide weighs 135 grams, an extremely low value. The lenses are made with 4 sides and a curve in the upper external area. Maximum width is 5.6 cm and maximum height 5.4 cm (AP measures). The skirt height in the center is 9.8 cm, while the maximum width is 12.5 cm, which is a low value, even for compact frameless masks. The maximum width of the chassis is 14.6 cm.