Sigalsub definitely is a company specialized in release mechanisms, handles, reel, shafts, rubber bands…and all this makes, of course, a speargun…and the Sigalsub Nemesis Carbon PRO is the top of the line product from the Italian company. 

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Handle and release mechanism

The handle and release mechanism are definitely the key part of any speargun and the one that Sigalsub has focused mainly on a new design for the Nemesis. The handle has an anatomical left and right-hander design and is made of 30% glass loaded nylon and has a special softer Santoprene TPV anti-slip white rubber element covering the grip. There no lateral “wings” that permit to best position the line away from the line of aim. The handle is designed to mount Sigalsub reels in a shifted backward position for best balancing and brandishing. In the bottom part of the handgrip, there is a well-designed integrated passage, one piece with the grip, for positioning a line. In the rear part, the handle a well-shaped and good dimensions gun butt is one piece with the handle.

The release mechanism is made of 100% AISI 316 stainless steel, including the castle, and the trigger, and is shifted backward to the extremes, increasing the power load for the same length of the speargun. The trigger is also upgraded with an interesting double option of Nylon cover of two different thicknesses to adapt to smaller and bigger hands.

The line release lever is in the modern and most efficient lateral position and it is also made of AISI 316 stainless steel. Such lever can be quite easily moved from the right to the left side of the handle releasing a pin. 

No security system is present. According to Sigalsub the absence of the security system makes the release mechanism actually safe. This seems a contradiction, but this is what Sigalsub declares and, finally, the system is simplified.

Sigalsub Nemesis Carbon handle
Sigalsub Nemesis Carbon release mechanism


The barrel is made with a 28 mm external diameter tube in twill carbon fiber tube with a shiny surface and 2 mm thick walls. The barrel is complete with an integrated shaft guide. Water sealing of the connections muzzle to barrel and handle to barrel are two plugs in Santoprene™ in the tube and an O-ring on the connection to the muzzle. The lengths available of the barrel are 64-76-82-92-104-116-126-136 cm.

Sigalsub Nemesis Carbon barrel

Muzzle and elastic bands

The Sigalsub Nemesis Carbon has an open double circular band muzzle made of 30% glass loaded Nylon, with the passages having a closed circumference. Such muzzle is incredibly compact, probably the most compact of the sling spearguns of this dossier. Standard circular bands on the Sigalsub Nemesis Carbon PRO 104 we received are the Extreme 16 mm bands. The elongation coefficient is 2.9. But the key aspect of the Nemesis, both aluminum and Carbon, is the various settings it is offered in. So the lengths 64, 76, 82 and 92 have double Extreme 14 mm band, the lengths 104, 116, 126 and 136 have double circular 16 mm Extreme bands. The wishbones are tied Dyneema

Sigalsub Nemesis Carbon PRO 104 muzzle -the standard version has 2 elastic bands 


The shaft on the Sigalsub Nemesis Carbon PRO 104 is a single inferior barb, Sanvik stainless steel, four shark fins, with one being advanced, all very low and with a hole to connect the monofilament. The diameter is 6.75 mm for lengths from 64 to 104, and 7 mm from 116 to 136. 

Sigasub Nemesis Carbon PRO handle and shaft 

The list price of the Sigalsub Nemesis Carbon PRO 104 is 265 € including the standard reel EDY (not the carbon fiber one). The shortest length, 64, costs 234 €.

For the full data chart of the Sigalsub Nemesis Carbon PRO click here.