The Salvimar Predathor Vuoto wins the Best Choice by Apneapassion prize in the pneumatic spearguns category. This is a huge success for this very complete, well designed, market leader and excellent price pneumatic speargun by the Italian company. Finalist with two legends of this category, the Mares Cyrano 1.1 e and the Seac Asso C/R, both fantastic products on the design, quality and price, the Salvimar Vuoto conquers the prize for some key additional elements.

The winning pluses of the Predathor Vuoto

The Salvimar Predathor Vuoto is really complete with all top level solutions. The presence of the Vuoto system on the Salvimar pneumatic speargun makes for sure a huge difference compared to the two competitors. Of course, the Mares Cyrano 1.1 and the Seac Asso C/R can mount aftermarket Vuoto solutions from other brands, but this means additional money and another step to obtain the final performing speargun. We suggest the two companies work on a company Vuoto system, as the base of the two spearguns is excellent.

The use of a professional tahitian shaft is a another aspect present on the Salvimar predathor Vuoto compared to the other two competitors. And again, the shaft can be substituted on the Seac Asso C/R and the Mares Cyrabo 1.1, but the Predathor Vuoto is ready for use in the perfect setup. Also here we suggest Mares and Seac change the shaft from a threaded non-steel solution, to a steel tahitian, at least for the lengths starting from 90 cm up.

Additionally, the Salvimar Predathor Vuoto is available in 8 different lengths, from 40 cm to 130 cm, wow! This is a very important effort by Salvimar, where Seac has a good offer of 6 lengths from 50 cm to 135 cm, and Mares another 6 lengths from 55 cm to 120 cm.

The only tiny missing element of the Salvimar Predathor Vuoto is a small notch to help alignment of the shot.

So, finally, the Salvimar Predathor Vuoto definitely deserves to be the winner of the Best Choice by Apneapassion prize in the pneumatic spearguns category!

The Best Choice by Apneapassion prize evaluation

Apneapassion underlines that the Best Choice is a fully independent prize, assigned after deep testing by the 9 athletes of the Apneapassion International Official team. The result of the Best Choice does not want to be an indisputable opinion, as personal preferences and adaptations to each product can determine different opinions and likes. Still, the use of a large number of independent athletes (who’s sponsor is only Apneapassion) permits to give spearfishing and freediving enthusiasts our best possible evaluation of each winner. We are open to any company who would want to participate with its most competitive products to the Best Choice by Apneapassion yearly prize. For any additional information contact