The Predathor family by Salvimar offers 4 different pneumatic guns, plus the Dark Side, but it is the “Vuoto” technology to make the difference.

All designed with ergonomic grip made or glass-filled nylon, more resistant and long-lasting to thermal variations and use in the water, the Predathor pneumatic spearguns, that have as fifth element the Dark Side, their maximum expression, present interesting technical solutions. Very comfortable and innovative is the release system with the hook for the line positioned laterally instead of beneath, a solution, the latter, that tended to get stuck to the sea floor. The system is based on a wheel with four wings that does not need a spring to work, and is always in position after the shot. Nothing new, but also useful, is the regulator, present on Predathor Plus, Vuoto and Dark Side, that reduces power by 50%. Surely a good solution when shooting in the lair.

But the real revolution is the “Vuoto” system, not invented by Salvimar, but by the Italian company totally refined, in a simple and user friendly solution. The absence of the water column inside the barrel determines that the piston pushing the shaft at the moment of the shot will not have to move also the column of water inside the barrel, situation that would lead to increased friction and inertia (weight of the water) to be counteracted. This permits a much greater exit speed of the shaft from the barrel (13 mm diameter). This aspect leads to the possibility of working with much lower pressures and with consequent grater loading facility. Salvimar actually declares that a pneumatic speargun with “Vuoto” system loaded at 20 bars has the same power of a traditional pneumatic speargun loaded at 30 bars.

But the advantages of the “Vuoto” system are even more. The reduced weight to be moved by the piston, which will be limited to the one of the piston and the shaft, eliminating the one of the water column in the barrel, determines a much lower recoil compared to classic solutions, and so a much higher precision of the shot.

Finally, since one of the critical aspects of pneumatic spearguns is the weight of the barrel, the “Vuoto” solution reduces such weight by the value of the column of water that will be substituted by a column of air. A weight reduction that improves sensibly the balancing of the pneumatic speargun in the water, reaching its perfection with the Dark Side, where the barrel is even lighter thanks to the carbon fiber material.

The Predathor “Vuoto” pneumatic spearguns are available in the lengths 40, 55, 65, 75, 85, 100, 115, 130 cm, where these values indicate the exact distance ran by the piston during the shot.

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