The Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun is an important step forward by the Italian company, which has an amazing know how in the sector. Carrying over all the pluses of the Cressi Saetta Pro, but without the Vuoto system, the Cressi Mach appears like an excellent upgrade. So the barrel is still 13 mm and can host an 8 mm diameter shaft. The available lengths are 40, 55, 70, 88 and 110 cm. The 40 cm is available only without power reducer, while the 110 cm is available only with power reducer. The other lengths are offered in both versions.

New Cressi mach 88 cm

New lever and trigger for the Cressi Mach

Lateral line release lever

Indeed, what appeared to be too old style on the Cressi Saetta, among many high end solutions, was the line release lever positioned inferiorly. Such design evidently could be an issue when swinging the speargun on the sea floor, as the line could get tangled to seaweeds and rocks. On the Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun the line release lever is correctly on the side. Not only, it can be moved from left to right depending on the needs of the spearo. Such operation can easily be done unscrewing a retention Allen screw and taking care of correctly repositioning the spring. Moreover, now the lever is in 316 steel.

New steel trigger

A beautiful 316 steel trigger has been specifically designed for the Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun. The edges of the trigger are voluntarily not rounded. In fact, such solution gives a greater feel on the index finger even using thick gloves.

New handle of the Cressi mach pneumatic speargun with steel trigger

New handle for the Cressi Mach

Better line of aim and sight

The handle of the Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun has been slightly redesigned compared to the Cressi Saetta. Now the profile is more tapered, which means less material and weight, and better water penetration. Also, the upper speargun sight is toller with a lowered base on which it positioned. Such solution improves the line of aim which is now clearer, and thanks to that the sight is more visible. Of course, with the new trigger the handle has had to be adapted with a new design.

Lateral steel line release lever of the Cressi Mach

Safety lock system

The safety lock system has been moved to be better perceived with the thumb. In fact, the sliding button which turns on and off the locking system, blocks the shaft when the button is slid to the left, and is so perceived with the thumb. Vice versa, the button unlocks the shot when moved to the right. Additionally, the button has a red colour which becomes visible when the locking system is off. Of course, this refers to a right hander. This is an opposite solution compared to many spearguns where the locking system is felt at the base of the index finger when on. The new solution for the Mach has been decided by Cressi as often the spearo presses involuntarily the safety button with the thumb and locks the system.

Button of the safety lock system of the Cressi Mach with the red dot to indicate the system in unlocked

Great design and angle

The design of the handle is an excellent solution coming from all the years of experience by Cressi. Key for a perfect shot, the handle of the Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun, made of glass loaded (30%) Nylon, has an angle between the barrel and the grip equal to 130° (measured). This is done considering for the grip the rear profile of the handle where the palm of the hand adheres, determining the inclination of the wrist compared to the forearm. The grip itself has an anatomical and symmetrical shape, so to adapt to both left and right handers. It is covered with a golden dotted rubber layer that gives perfect grip. The rubber is a TPE, thermoplastic elastomer. 

Power regulator lever

On the upper left side of the handle we find the power regulator lever. It is made of steel with a rubber ring to increase grip. When the lever is moved backward the power is maximum, while with the lever advanced the power is minimum.

power reductor of the Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun


A very clever and comfortable solution is the design of a special socket under the handle where to store the loader. The latter can also be used to unscrew and tighten the rear cap of the air valve, where the air pump must be positioned.

Inferior socket for the loader of the Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun
Loader of the Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun

Barrel and tank of the Cressi Mach

The tank and the barrel are key for the entire functioning of the Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun. The material of the two is Anticorodal and thickness of teh walls is 1 mm. The key aspect of the design of the Cressi Mach is the offset of the barrel respect to the tank. In fact, the first is moved upward by 5.5 mm compared to the centre of the tank. This value is practically a record on the market and increased compared to previous versions of pneumatic spearguns by Cressi. Indeed, this revolutionary solution was invented and manufactured for the first time almost 20 years ago by Cressi. The Italian company actually patented it and kept this exclusive solution for a long time. Finally, they released the patent and opened the market to other competitors.

offset barrels of the Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun

With such solution, the distance between the line of aim and the shaft is reduced from 20 mm to 14.5 mm. This gives a good advantage in aiming the fish, so the weak point of pneumatic spearguns compared to the sling spearguns in definitely reduced.

Loading pressure

The new Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun is sold with a preloading pressure of 15 bar. Still, the speargun can be set at higher bar, to 18 or maximum suggested 20 bar. The user manual indicates the correct number of pump strokes, starting with the speargun at 0 bar, to reach 15 bar, 18 bar or 20 bar. The number of strokes will depend on the length of the speargun.

MODEL 0-15 bar0-18 bar0-20 bar
SL 40
75 100 115
SL 55
130 180 200
SL 70182250280
Number of pump strokes to reach the various levels of pressure in bar

Bigger piston for greater shafts

The new Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun has now a new piston of bigger dimensions. This permits to host bigger shafts with greater tangs. Additionally, the bigger piston is more reliable. The piston is now lighter and has an improved locking system for the shaft. The material of the piston is steel with Derlin and Nichel Chromo. DELRIN® is a crystalline plastic which offers an excellent balance of properties that bridge the gap between metals and plastics. DELRIN® possesses high tensile strength, creep resistance and toughness. It also exhibits low moisture absorption. It is chemically resistant to hydrocarbons, solvents and neutral chemicals, and has high fatigue endurance.

Cressi Mach piston 3D design

Muzzle of the Cressi Mach

The Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun does not have a Vuoto muzzle, but still it perfectly adapts to the STC Vuoto solution, for example. The standard muzzle is instead well designed with large and long holes for the exit of the water. Such design permits to have anyway, even without the Vuoto system, a very fast exit of the shaft. Of course, since the water column in the barrel will be present, some speed will still be missing compared to the Vuoto solution. For sure, the standard muzzle system is more reliable in time.

Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun muzzle with integrated sight

Reel and shaft for the Cressi Mach

All three diameters Cressi reels, the R20, R30 and R50, can be mounted on the Cressi Mach pneumatic speargun. To do so, a new important accessory is now available, the Oleopneumatic Reel Adapter.

The standard shaft is an 8 mm Maestrale threaded model steel solution with a double barb harpoon.