Neoprene vests are worn under the wetsuit and are great to increase the thermal insulation of our wetsuit in Winter, but can also be used in warmer periods to fine tune a thinner wetsuit. So, the neoprene vests are a great solution when, for example, you feel a little cold in Winter with your 7mm thick wetsuit, and you might need an 8 mm, but do not really use it so much, and want to save money. Also, sometimes 8 mm is too much and 7 mm not enough!

A good economical alternative is a high quality neoprene vest, which can be bought with less than 50 euros. Apparently simple, such accessory can differ for many key aspects. The neoprene generally is lined inside, but the Nylon cover can differ. Also, externally the vest can be smooth or lined. A vest can be designed with or without a hood. On the market great solutions are offered by Spetton, C4 Carbon and Picasso.


Spetton is definitely one of the strongest brands in the neoprene sector and it product line is very complete. The Spanish company has sent us two different models of neoprene vests, the Winter Design 1.5 mm, and the SCS Metal Termic 3 mm.

Winter Design 1.5 mm

The Winter 1.5 mm vest has a preformed shape to better adapt and adhere to the body of the spearo. The neoprene is smooth externally to adhere to the open cell neoprene of the internal surface of the jacket. In such way no water enters between the two layers.

Internally the material is a special Nylon, called BGX. It is a thermal Nylon, with zero water absorption, and Ultraspam, which has incredible elastic capacities, and so does not squeeze the chest. Of course the internal Nylon makes also the neoprene vest very easy to wear.

The two sheets of neoprene which make the vest are bonded and sewn together with a special stitching which appears particularly strong and resistant. This is key, as the thin neoprene of the vest could in time tear where the stitching is, on the sides of the chest. This vest is available in the sizes from 1 (XS) to 6 (XXL). In size 4 (L) it is 59 cm long.

SCS Metal Termic 3 mm

The SCS Metal Termic vest is manufactured as a traditional open cell spearfishing wetsuit, Nylon externally and Open Cell internally. The strong characteristic of this vest is its thin metallite inner layer. The layer inside is in fact impregnated into the neoprene cell, creating a heat reflective barrier. On the one hand you reduce body heat loss by 30%, and on the other hand it improves by 20% the water sealing effect.

This vest is available in the sizes from 1 (XS) to 6 (XXL). In size 4 (L) it is 59 cm long.

C4 Carbon

The Italian company, from a 100% carbon fiber products company has accelerated incredibly and today has an amazingly complete offer both in freediving and spearfishing. C4 proposes two neoprene vests part of the Marco Bardi MB Concept & Design line. One vest is with hood and one is without. Both are designed with a longer shape on the pelvis, for a total length of 69 cm for the size L, to improve thermal insulation and simplify undressing. Sizes available are from 2 (S) to 5 (XL).

Black Skin basic

The C4 Black Skin Basic is the version without hood, made with 2 mm thick externally smooth and internally lined neoprene. Such material is extremely elastic for maximum comfort and the internal Nylon lining helps a sliding effect on the body during wearing and unwearing.

It is the most used in the spearfishing sector, as it is particularly easy to wear and to keep under the wetsuit. As per the Spetton gilet, the two sheets of neoprene which make the gilet are bonded and sewn together with a special stitching which appears particularly strong and resistant.

Black Skin with hood

Made with the same material as the Basic version, but complete with the hood, this version of the Black Skin is also used in indoor apnea at the pool or swimming at sea, where freedom of movement is needed. The extremely thin and elastic neoprene hood permits to wear the Black Skin under a complete wetsuit or a one-piece wetsuit with no hood.


The Portuguese company has a very wide range of neoprene products, among which also smooth open-cell neoprene wetsuits. Most companies have decided to take away such offer from the product line due to difficulties in dealing with a neoprene that can easily tear if not correctly handled. Picasso has sent us a 3 mm thick neoprene vest, the Undersuit Thermal Skin.

The Picasso vest is made of smooth externally and Nylon lined internally neoprene. The smooth external surface adheres perfectly to the open cell inside the jacket, while the internal lining of the vest permits the sliding of the neoprene on the skin without use of soap, and also strengthens the material, determining an easy and safe wearing.

The Picasso Undersuit Thermal Skin has smaller stitching than C4 and Spetton on the sides and shoulders and only internally, for best thermal insulation. To strengthen all the connections between the two neoprene sheets small stitching are applied also externally at the beginning of each connection.

The Picasso Undersuit Thermal Skin is available in 4 sizes, S, M , L and XL. In the L size it is 65 cm long.