With the specialty of the Dynamic Apnea with fins (DYN BF) Italy accelerates and dominates both in the men and in the women competitions.

Amazing is the men’s Team, with a podium which is 100% Italian and a New Italian and also World Record conquered by an astonishing Andrea Vitturini, who, despite some health problems, manages to beat his own personal best of 213 meters, with an incredible 226.5 meters, new Italian and World Record.

Not only, amazing improvements of their personal bests have also come from Aldo Stradotti, with a fantastic 220.88 meters, 20.88 meters more than his best, and Alessandro Zacheo, third, beating his previous personal best of 200 meters with a great 210.8 meters.

And this in not all, since the strength of the Italian Team continues to the fourth position of a very motivated Luciano Morelli, who reaches the distance of 207.62 meters. Therefore, practically, the first four positions of the DYN BF have all been Italian and over 200 meters! In fifth position an excellent result, still with a 2 at the front, has been obtained by the Spanish Aleix Segura Vendrell, who reaches the distance of 200 meters while in sixth position we find the French Eric Poline, with 190.75 meters.

But above the 200 meters (204.2 m) has also been the distance swam by the Italian Alessia Zecchini, who is constantly winning any race she participates to and setting, as in this case, World Records.

The women team also conquers the entire podium, with Tiziana De Giulio and Cristina Rodda who swap their great positions obtained in the DNF, and conquer the Silver and Bronze medal, respectively with 188 meters and 178.77 meters. In fouth position we find a great Barbora Ivanska, of the Czech Republic, with 175.1 meters, followed by the French Magalie Siterre, with 153.2 meters and another Italian, Martina Mongiardino, with 146.72 meters, who just yesterday had given a lot and conquered the World Record in the Endurance Apnea.

Tomorrow morning starting from 9:00 the World Championship of the Dynamic Apnea with monofin (DYN) will take place.