The Cressi King dive computer has won the Best Choice by Apneapassion 2023, and this is not at all by chance! Behind this product and many others by the Italian company, there is a fully dedicated company part of Cressi, Cressi Elettronica. Led by its Product Manager, Paolo Pianforini since its birth, in 2008, this company is a center of Made in Italy excellence. From the design, to the manufacturing, to the quality control and the after market, Cressi with Cressi Elettronica has wanted to keep the best control upon all the aspects of the design and launch of a product on the market. No need to say that the Made in Italy characteristic of this company insures to Cressi Elettronica product standards of quality which are difficult to equal from the competitors around the world.

Paolo Pianforini, Product Manager of Cressi Elettronica

The vision of Cressi Elettronica

Cressi Elettronica was founded with the aim of designing, developing and producing cutting-edge dive computers. The head office is located in Genoa, Italy, where the team of underwater planners and designers work to create high-quality products that meet the needs of divers. In the scuba diving, freediving and spearfishing sectors, Cressi Elettronica offers leading edge products with constant research and Development to constantly lead the market in all such sectors.

The philosophy of the company is quite simple: Cressi computers and watches must be robust and reliable. The team places enormous emphasis on the quality and safety of their products. Each model developed is subjected to rigorous tests and quality controls using specific internally designed machinery, which guarantees precise and in-depth control, and which cannot be achieved in any other way.

Cressi Elettronica dive computers are known for advanced technological innovation, ergonomic design and intuitive user interface. Cressi Elettronica wants to provide divers with high-quality and reliable tools to ensure a better diving experience. The accuracy of the information provided during the dive is a key feature of their products.

Cressi Elettronica actively collaborates with professional divers and industry experts to fully understand the needs and challenges divers face. This collaboration allows the company to develop products that adapt to different needs and diving styles.

The vision of Cressi Elettronica is to continue to be one of the leading companies in the dive computer industry. The company is dedicated to constant research and innovation to redefine the standards. Cressi Elettronica wants to offer divers increasingly reliable, high-quality and cutting-edge tools to allow them to explore the wonders of the underwater world in complete safety.

Highest quality

Among the key elements of having an in-house company such as Cressi Elettronica, is the fact that Cressi focuses on a quality that could not be replied with, for example, many Asian suppliers. Instead, the complete control of all components and their assembly permits and unmatchable quality of Cressi Elettronica products.

Resistance & durability tests

Cressi Elettronica has along the years developed a number of specific machineries that permit to test the products in specific and difficult environments, and understand how the computer watch performs in time.

Corrosion and decolouring test

For example, a specific machine permits to accelerate the corrosion and decolouring processes. In this case, of course, the test is applied on samples of the dive watches, as the test is so called “destructive”, meaning that the watch is damaged during the process. The watch, or one of its components, is bathed in salt water mixed with sand. The product is rubbed along a channel. Infrared lights dry out the water from the product at every cicle, increasing the rough environmental reproduced conditions.

Implosion test

Another destructive test done on samples is the pressure resistance, where in a thick aluminium cylinder high pressures are reproduced on the watch to verify the maximum limit of resistance. All the process is registered to understand the maximum pressure resistance and verify that the strong mechanical characteristics of the dive watch are constant along the entire production.

Buttons test

Another test done on samples of dive computers is the measurement of a continuous pressing of the buttons of the case to verify the maximum number of cycles they can stand. This is key on computer watches that must last for years, as wear of the components evidently happens with time.

Quality control on every product

The quality guaranteed by Cressi Elettronica bases itself on high quality design and materials, but also on key checks on each single product. In fact, some tests are really done on every single dive computer. Such aspect is a strong guarantee that every product coming out of Cressi Elettronica is perfectly functional.

Seal and humidity test

Not only must a dive computer be water resistant, but not even some minimal humidity should enter the case. Before that, though, the watch must have been closed in the correct air humidity conditions, so that any temperature excursion will not generate at any time condensation. For such reason, every single dive computer is tested with a special machine that reveals with great precision any issue on the watch by generating condensation if the humidity inside the case is wrong.

Calibration test

Each single dive computer is also tested with a calibration machine to verify the correct and precise functioning of the pressure sensor. In addition, cycles are made so also the correct functioning of the very important safety alarms, such as maximum intermediate depth or speed, is verified.

Dive cycle test

Not only must the dive watch be calibrated, but also the perfect functioning of the algorithm of each single computer must be verified. To do this another specifically built machine is used. Here, up to 10 computer watches at the time are tested in a pressurized chamber that reproduces the cycles of a dive.

Battery test

The test of all the dive computers also concerns the battery. Every single product is positioned for a certain amount of time in a special container at a certain fixed temperature. At the end of the test the battery must be at the right voltage. If the value is too low it means either the battery or the electric system circuit of the dive computer have an issue, and must be replaced.

Bezel preparation

Not a test, but a key preparation process for all the bezels of each single dive computer, where such component is in Nylon, is the humidity absorption. In fact, every bezel will be originally made of a very dry plastic. By putting all the Nylon bezels in tanks full of water for a certain amount of time, they absorb humidity and stabilize their shape. Such process is in fact not reversable.

Electrical system check

A specific machine is able to check every single printed electrical circuit, verifying all the peripherals, such as light and sound, voltage, current and frequency. After that, the component is uploaded with the program which includes the algorithm.

Every watch with its own CV

Finally, after all the tests on samples and the ones on every single product, Cressi Elettronica is able to make for every single dive computer a data sheet with all the details. So, all the previous tests done are registered on Cloud and are consultable at any time.

5 dive watches for freediving, spearfishing and scuba

In its great product line Cressi has 9 dive computers plus a number of consoles. Among the first, 5 products are definitely very interesting for freedivers and spearos. Some of them unite freediving with scuba diving functions. These are the Cartesio, Goa and Neon. More specifically designed for freediving and spearfishing are the Nepto and King, the latter winner of the Best Choice by Apneapassion prize, thanks to its quality, functions and ease of use.

Cartesio, Goa and Neon

The Cartesio, Goa and Neon computer dive watches are all able to provide the complete key functions for scuba diving. In particular, Surf time, desaturation and no fly time calculator, air/nitrox program, complete diving data processor, safety stop indicator, alarm in case of breach of ascent speed, decompression or ppo2 and more. The Neon and Cartesio also have the opportunity to change the mixture during the dive, while the Goa does not. At the same time, all three dive watches have the “Free” function available, which is dedicated to all the freediving/spearfishing activities. This includes dive time, water temperature, surface time between dives, alarms for depth, dive time and surface interval, optional interface with visualisation of diving profile and more.

Nepto and King

For a more specifically dedicated tool for our freediving and spearfishing sessions, but no Scuba diving functions, the Nepto and King are a must. With the King winning the Best Choice by Apneapassion, and the Nepto having the same functions, but with different materials used for a slightly cheaper option, the two dive watches by Cressi unite quality and functionality. In particular, a number of safety functions are available, such as the algorithm to reduce the risk of Taravana, the hydration alarm, the function to reduce the risk of pulmonary edema.