The Cressi Cherokee is one of the most successful and performing spearguns. This does not apply only to the spearguns line by the Italian company, but in general to the global market. The amazing know-how present on the Cressi Cherokee is outstanding. The unique grip design and angles, the balancing, the release mechanism and the top level muzzle are real excellence. Let us check the new special edition, the Cressi Cherokee Power.

Cherokee base

The Cressi Cherokee Power indeed keeps unvaried all the great components of the Cherokee. The Cherokee Power is a “Specialized Retailer-Product”. This means it is part of an hi-tech product range for professional Cressi retailers, that can be sold online only through the own website of a Cressi authorized retailer. This range therefore cannot be sold, and you will not find it, on marketplaces, e-procurement platforms or any third party website.


There is a very special and unique quality in the Cressi Cherokee handle. This is actually true on all the spearguns by the Italian Company. It is the intuitiveness. All becomes really natural with a Cressi speargun. The aiming is simple and immediate, even when the shot has to be processed in a few instants.

The handle, made in PA66 30% glass loaded Nylon, offers specific angles between the grip and the barrel. These permit, more than other spearguns on the market, to have a the speargun as very natural extension of the arm and hand of the spearo. Taking the aim is easy, fast and precise.

As additional elements, on the two sides are positioned generous dimensions wings. These permit to easily and firmly position the monofilament away from the line of aim. A very useful solution.

The handle is complete with two removable chest supports of different lengths. These help to better adapt to the needs of the spearfisherman and the lengths of the speargun.

Release mechanism

The release mechanism of the Cressi Cherokee Power is made of parts all 100% aisi 316 steel, machined from solid with a cnc process. These are the trigger, the release tooth and lateral line release lever. The latter is reversible on one or the other side of the handle. The safety locking system is present on both sides and small, but well perceptible with the hand and glove.

The triggering case instead has been upgraded since the launch of the Cherokee Fast. It is now no more in stainless steel. It is in a very advanced material, the Nylon 12 loaded with 65% glass. This material is definitely a revolution. It is considered by all means a substitute of aluminum in the mechanical characteristics, has no humidity absorption and so keeps its dimensions unvaried for an extremely long time. Unchanged dimensions mean constant performance in time. Cressi indicates that components made in Nylon 12 are even more precise than the ones in stainless steel. This is because with the latter you need to bend and weld the parts together. Such processes bring to minor dimension changes and deformations.

But the key effect of using Nylon 12 is also the extreme weight reduction. In this specific case it brings the weight down by 41 grams (AP measurement), a very high value. The Cressi Cherokee Power will be, and feel, definitely lighter, with a better balance of the entire speargun. This is key especially in the short-medium versions. The Nylon 12 is a much more costly material (3 times compared to standard glass loaded Nylon). Still, it offers a long-lasting performance e a great weight reduction.

Double reinforced barrel

There is another key element of the Cressi Cherokee Power, the additionally reinforced barrel. 28 mm in diameter, the barrel of the new speargun by Cressi utilizes the stiffest and most reinforced solution by the Italian company. This puts together a 1 mm thick anticorodal aluminum with the reinforced base that increases the thickness to more than 2 mm and the integrated shaft guide, which additionally strengthens the barrel.

The effect of the thickened lower part of the barrel is according to Cressi a very high stiffness and rigidity increase. This is determined thanks to the position of the reinforcement compared to the action of the elastic bands. Heavy loads are so perfectly supported by the barrel of the Cressi Cherokee Power.

As said, the shaft guide is integrated with the barrel, and it is an open track solution. The shaft rests only on the two rails of the guide, while its center is hallow. This solution generates a cushion effect of the water when the shaft is released. Such solution determines a strong reduction of the friction between the barrel and the shaft itself.


The Cressi Cherokee Power muzzle is fantastic. It puts together three great elements. It is extremely compact, it has perfect protuberances where the monofilament passes without the risk of disengaging and, finally, has two integrated magnets. Now these three points are not as evident as it may seem. Compactness and lightness is indeed a key element to which most companies aim to, and often succeed. But to also have a compact design that permits an easy and secure positioning of the line is not at all simple. Cressi has obtained this with a top quality design.

Another point are the magnets, two, which are embedded together in a glass loaded nylon casing. Such solution protects the magnets from water and humidity, and so from rust, in a watertight solution. This is the “magnetic spear lock“. The system has a great function of holding the shaft in place when loading the speargun and positioning the line. The fixing effect works also with the speargun upsidedown and no line in position. The magnetic effect on the shaft does not though generate any braking effect during the shot. The additional friction that could be generated is of such low value that it is negligible compared to the total force acting on the shaft during the shot.

The double elastic bands are well positioned when loaded. They maintain a very compact final shape adhering well to the muzzle. In addition, the muzzle is designed so the loaded rubber bands position themselves parallel to the shaft for the best efficiency of the shot.

The novelty, the setup

The Cressi Cherokee Power indeed differentiates from the Cherokee Fast and Cherokee EXO by the setup and colours. The Cherokee Power has a pair of 16 mm circular rubber bands in blu colour. The rubber bands are similar in the diameter and material in all lengths of the Cressi Power (90 – 100 – 110 – 120 – 130 cm). They are in natural latex which is indicated by Cressi as a very good option compared to chemical latex. The hardness of the rubber is 35 Shore A hardness and the internal hole has a diameter of 3.2 mm. The rubber is multilayer with an external UV protective one and the wishbone is in 2 mm diameter Dyneema. An elongation coefficient value of between 3.20-3.25 depending on the length characterizes the bands.

The shaft is a top level TIG welded 3 shark fins with holes solution. It is 7 mm of diameter with reversed flopper.

The Cressi Cherokee Power is complete with a nice steel clip to connect the handle of the speargun to the buoy for big catches.