Today through the social media many “entities” try more and more to influence the public opinion. Very often, even though not always, opinions and reviews come from unprofessional and biased sources. Moreover, in the spearfishing and freediving sectors, absurdly, products are reviewed and approved by the same people who design and sell them, wear and utilize them thanks to a sponsoring agreement, or have absolutely no real skills, experience and expertise to evaluate the equipment. To return to professional and independent reviews, the Award & Best Choice prizes by Apneapassion have been created.

With a professional international jury of 9 among athletes and experts of the spearfishing and freediving worlds, coming from Italy, France, Spain and the UK, Apneapassion will analyze and evaluate the best products on the market. We will do this, as always, with an unconditional and independent approach. Through the deep study and testing of the products, comparisons, and scientifical measuring, each member of the Jury will vote and give his final evaluation of each product.

Award by Apneapassion

Which is the best new product of 2023? Every important company has launched or is about to launch on the market in 2023 some amazing new products. The new C4 Umberto Pelizzari fins, the Salvimar Ares speargun, the Carbo Speeder fins and the amazing Scales wetsuits, the novelties by Seac, as the BM30 fins, the Snake wetsuit and the Bridge float, the new Saragos and Laser Evo lines by Pathos with 6 almost completely new spearguns, or their new Nero line with the freediving wetsuit and fins, the Sigalsub Nemesis Inverter and Roller, the Cressi Turbo Carbon MD fins, the Atom mask and the Lizard knife, the Beuchat Primal wetsuit and 2 new spearguns, the Mares X-Wing C-EVO and CS carbon fiber blade fins, the new fins and Element mask by H.Dessault. Subea will also be present strong with 3 new 2023 products: a new spearfishing wetsuit, a new speargun and a very new special knife.

So much new high quality technology by these important companies, never stopping research and development to offer their customers the most updated, effective and efficient solutions. These companies want to be the best, both on the technical and functional aspect, but also of course in the value for money approach.

Best Choice by Apneapassion

Which is the best spearfishing and freediving product of each kind? Wetsuits, fins, spearguns, masks, computer watches, torches and accessories, there si so much on the market and at times quite some confusion. Apneapassion with its team of international athletes, coming from Italy, Spain, France and UK, who represent the official Jury, will indicate which is, for technical characteristics and performance during testing, the best product of its kind. More in detail, the categories will be the following: polymer blade fins, composite material blade fins, traditional sling spearguns below 100€, between 101 and 200€, and above 200€, roller and inverter spearguns, pneumatic spearguns, spearfishing wetsuits, apnea wetsuits, computer watches, masks, torches and accessories (which means all the equipment not included in the previous categories).

Finalists before the titles assignment

The winners of the Award, the best new product of 2023, and the Best Choice, the n1 product on the market in its category, will be communicated in July. Before that, the finalists of the Award & Best Choice in each category will be announced. A product that reaches the podium of one of the two prizes already confirms its outstanding qualities and so also deserves a dedicated medal, the Award Finalist and the Best Choice Finalist! The podiums of the Award and of each category of the Best Choice will be communicated the beginning of July…stay Tuned!

Watch the presentation video on Youtube

Video presentation of the Award & Best Choice prizes by Apneapassion