C4 Carbon has just launched on the market a new modular freediving neck weight, the C4 Dyno. Something that our Luciano Morelli, after the test of the C4 Dyn-UP freediving wetsuit, will definitely need to test soon for the new column “Test of the Champion”.

Ergonomic design

100% Made in Italy, the new C4 Dyno has an ergonomic and innovative design, conceived to improve the position and balance of the freediver. 

Material quality

Dyno features a lead core overmoulded with a soft thermorubber material. This type of molding creates a perfectly uniform coating, greatly improving resistance to wear and allowing for a perfect grip. Dyno, once worn, stays in place without any unwanted movement and abrasion on the wetsuit.


Dyno is sold with a total weight of 4kg (at the suggested retail price of 170 €). Thanks to the simple assembly system, the weight of the Dyno can be adjusted according to the diver’s needs by adding or removing individual weights.

The additional weight kit that has 4 weights of 290gr. Each can be purchased separately. With due care, you can adapt Dyno to your body by enlarging or tightening the piece around your neck.

Easy assembly

The weights on the Dyno can be easily added or removed thanks to telescopic screws. The operation can be quickly performed even sitting by the pool.

Dyno is available in black or red color. 100% Made in Italy – 100% C4Carbon Freediving