One of the strongest Spearfishing Champions of all time enters in the Apneapassion International Team to offer his amazing skills and experience in the test of spearfishing equipment. An amazing step by Apneapassion in the process of always more professional and independent tests published on the magazine. Daniel Gospic will also be part of the jury to evaluate the products participating to the 2024 edition of the successful Award & Best Choice project.

Daniel Gospic

“In my competitive career I have won one World Championship and two Euro-African Championships, as well as 7 Croatian Championships, 5 in a row and the first at just 21 years old, I was the youngest ever. I also won 3 Palma Masters, and several other competitions. Today I still spearfish a lot, I enjoy it, but I no longer compete due to lack of time and to be with the family.
I have a lot of experience and I believe I can make it available thanks to the collaboration with the first international spearfishing magazine, Apneapassion. It is an extremely professional and independent magazine, free and available to everyone, which will allow me to review products in a true and transparent way, as the Director, Carlo Forni, has always wanted in the magazine and as he himself confirmed to me.
I got to know Carlo Forni and Apneapassion during the years I was competing, and it has been certainly the only magazine that has allowed the promotion and dissemination of this magnificent sport in recent years. I myself read their articles and receive their newsletter.
Personally, I don’t have social channels, so Apneapassion will tell my impressions about the products. I will try to give advice on all products: spearguns, pneumatic spearguns, fins, masks, torches, knives, and more, except wetsuits, since I am sponsored by Tecnoblu.”

Carlo Forni

“What can I say, having Daniel Gospic in the team is like having Roger Federer in the Davis Cup or Lewis Hamilton in F1, an absolute dream! Daniel is a legend in the world of spearfishing, with extraordinary victories at all levels, international and national. I have known him since 2016 during international competitions, and I saw him win big the 2017 Euro-African. He has always been extremely strong, decisive, but also available and truly approachable at all times, even those of greatest sporting tension. He is a true Champion!
Today he no longer competes, and has no social pages, he is therefore a bit the opposite of the influencer, and for this reason he is exactly the Champion I would have dreamed of in Team Apneapassion. For me, the product reviews we publish must first of all be professional, credible, true and independent. We already have an International Apneapassion Team with very strong athletes, both in spearfishing and freediving, but also spearos and freedivers who do not compete, but who can evaluate the products in a way that is closer to the average enthusiast.
With Daniel’s entry, the AP Team and the entire Apneapassion organization take a further huge step towards the professionalism and credibility at an international level that I have always wanted. It is no coincidence that we never publish articles and reviews made by athletes sponsored by the same company that makes this or that product. It is a question of seriousness, transparency and credibility. All Team Apneapassion athletes are sponsored by us.
So, Welcome Daniel, it’s a real Honor to have you on the team my friend!