The first international magazine specialized in freediving product tests in the deepest thermal pool in the world to create a centre of excellence

With the Award & Best Choice by Apneapassion prizes, the first international spearfishing and freediving magazine wanted to bring professional, accurate and independent product reviews back to the centre.

To continue to improve along this path, Apneapassion and Y-40 The Deep Joy will collaborate to allow the international Apneapassion Test Team to carry out increasingly accurate product analysis. The Apneapassion team will, in fact, carry out tests on freediving equipment of various brands in the extraordinary Y-40 facility.

Among the competitive athletes of the International Apneapassion Team, we find Luciano Morelli, bronze medal at the 2016 Indoor Freediving World Championship in the DYN-Monofin category and silver and bronze at the 2017 European Championships, respectively in the DYN monofin and DYN bi-fins; Roberto Poggioli, member of the Italian spearfishing national team, silver medal among teams at this year’s world championship in Spain and first-category athlete in the Italian championship. And more, David Stephens, British spearfishing champion 2021 and 2022 and member of the English national team. Once again on the dynamic freediving front, Andrea Micarelli, second in the 2022 Giro d’Italia in Apnea, organized by the Apnea Academy.

Y-40 APNEA Ph. Stephen Mesureur
Y-40 APNEA Ph. Stephen Mesureur

Thanks to the constant and unique conditions of Y-40 The Deep Joy, the deepest thermal water pool in the world, the international team of testers and champions of Apneapassion will be able to perform repeated deep dives, record data and produce videos of the tests for various products, such as polymer and composite fins, watches, masks and more. These very important tests will complement those at sea, always necessary for evaluation in variable conditions.

The collaboration between Apneapassion and the Y-40 center of excellence represents an extraordinary opportunity for the world of freediving.

Carlo Forni, founder and director of «Y-40 is a structure with very high-quality standards and of immense value for the world of freediving, it is the Italian excellence that makes us proud. Being able to collaborate with Y-40 represents a source of great satisfaction for Apneapassion. I thank Giovanni Boaretto for his great availability and desire to embrace a project that brings professionalism back to the world of freediving equipment reviews.”

(Photos Stephen Mesureur)