The starting point for the Salvimar Hero review is indeed the X-Rays article we published some time ago. The base is that the top of the line aluminium elliptical section barrel, double circular bands speargun by the Italian company has an amazing quality. From the MIM (Metal Injection Molding) manufacturing of the release mechanism components, to the reinforced barrel, the many key solutions, the excellent design of the reel, the Salvimar Hero shows strength and durability.

The alternative to wood

Due to its strength and stiffness, the Salvimar Hero si evidently noticeably heavier than traditional circular section aluminium barrel spearguns. Still, in the water the balance is almost perfect, so the feel is very similar to a well designed…wooden speargun! And this is it, this is the main idea by Salvimar when designing the Salvimar Hero. Its weight in fact is perfect for the aspetto and blue water techniques, where the power, stability and control of the recoil are key. Also, the elliptical barrel permits to have more air inside compared to an equivalent barrel with circular section of the same height, which means the same lateral section and so similar swing capacity. More air means greater buoyancy, and so the possibility to use bigger diameter shafts matched with stronger elastic bands. This finally means more power, with a well balanced speargun and good recoil control.

Of course the weight of the Salvimar Hero can be felt in the water, even if the speargun is balanced. The movements will require more force by the hand and the swing will be more complicated, especially in the vertical direction. Here, in fact, the section of the barrel plus elastic bands will impact negatively in the water penetration.

International reviews

From this year the growth of the Apneapassion Team well beyond European borders permits us to have multiple reviews. For the Salvimar Hero, Roberto Poggioli, member of the Italian Spearfishing National team, and Nuhazer Moreno Castillo, a strong Spanish athlete from Gran Canaria, have tested the speargun and given us their feedback.

Salvimar Hero review by Roberto Poggioli

“Let’s start with the many positive aspects od the Salvimar Hero Storm 95 that I have tested. Definitely, the release mechanism is unique for quality and sensitiveness. Part of it is the lateral line release lever, well dimensioned and with the correct shape. The grip is also nice with its nicely anatomical shape, even though my hand is not slim, and I feel some pressure on the upper part due to the integrated chest support. The balance in the water is good even with the standard 7 mm shaft.

Of course the generous dimensions of the Salvimar Hero bring to a speargun which is not very easy to swing. The two 16 mm circular rubbers, considering the design and rigidity of the speargun, could be stronger, maybe stretched more. It might be a standard solution offered at the shop, but the power potential of the Hero, in my opinion, is much higher. For small hands such as mine, the trigger feels a little too far from the handle.

In conclusion, the Salvimar Hero has great quality, and is very good for the aspetto and blue water techniques, among the double circular bands solutions. I believe this is even more true if the Salvimar Hero is powered with stronger elastic bands compared to the standard ones, utilizing all the potential of such a stiff and resistant speargun. Honestly, I would not recommend the Hero for fishing among the rocks or for the agguato technique.

Salvimar Hero review by Nuhazer Moreno

“The Salvimar Hero 95 has extremely good finishes, surely durable. Also, the black stands out with the green and is very nice. The power produced by the elastic bands is slightly below what I believe is the potential of the Hero, but it is true that I personally like to have a spearguns a little bit overloaded. The 7 mm Salvimar shaft is really well designed and better than the usual 6.5 mm diameter of standard 95 cm spearguns. In fact, I prefer the 7mm shaft, and it is also a plus for me. As for the grip, it gives you the option of a left or right handed anatomical design, and that makes it a very good solution.

The reel that comes from the factory is excellent. The release mechanism is extremely refined, very soft. The rubber bands are 16mm, but surely, as I already said, the Salvimar Hero can support shorter and more powerful bands.

Even though the Hero is quite heavy, there is some slight recoil noticeable, but indeed not accessive. If you regulate the rubber bands a little shorter or put more powerful ones, the mechanism feels only slightly harder, but not excessively, indicating a very good design. In the water the Salvimar Hero on the side of the handle sinks more than at the tip, but is in general well balanced, and shows it could even support a heavier shaft than the 7 mm one.

The Hero is a little too heavy for me if used in techniques where you need to move it a lot. When you are at the bottom and want to swing the Hero, you feel the weight. Still, it is good that laterally it moves straight and with no vibrations. The muzzle is really well designed, so it is extremely easy and quick to pass the monofilament. Indeed a very good speargun, but specifically for the aspetto and blue water technique.”

Tips by Massimo Quattrone – Salvimar Product Manager

“The Salvimar Hero has certainly been conceived and designed to have a speargun with higher performance and mass than the classic solution with circular section barrel. The reinforced elliptical barrel of the Hero, combined with the Heavy Metal release mechanism, capable of supporting a load of up to 350 kg, allow this speargun to be loaded with powerful rubbers combined with heavy shafts. It is no coincidence that the diameter of the shaft used on the Hero is on average 0.5 mm higher than that mounted on the Metal, while the rubber bands are 16 mm against 14 mm.

The mass of the Hero allows a control of the recoil despite the powerful setup. The Hero is, to all intents and purposes, a speargun capable of offering the performance of an excellent wooden speargun, but with greater durability over time and at about half the price. Furthermore, it is always possible to use a shorter length than a classic speargun, and have the same power. In this way the swing improves significantly, while the overall dimensions are clearly reduced. In addition, we have now launched the Hero Nightmare (soon on the presentation), with Primeline rubbers and no reel, to permit to the passionate spearo to choose the Salvimar reel of the dimensions he prefers.”