This year Salvimar has launched a new reel on the market, the Max Reel, which joins the smaller Mini, Horizontal and Vertical Reel.

Beautiful, it seems to recall the design of an automotive alloy rim of a sports car, the Max Reel, with its 75 meters of line, is the largest reel in the Salvimar range, which is complemented by the 50-meter Horizontal Reel 1.5 mm diameter line, the 35 meter Mini Reel and the 50 meter Vertical Reel.



The body is completely made of 30% glass-filled Nylon, while the central cylinder holding the line is reinforced with Derlin co-molded steel. The clutch, with an oversized disc, is of the classic progressive type, therefore adjustable to different hardnesses by acting on a tricuspid wheel, also with an attractive design. All Nylon components are finished to perfection.

The line pass is simple and light made of steel wire. The connection with the speargun is specific for Salvimar spearguns and made with two steel screws.

For the Salvimar Reel datasheet click here.