After having presented the Subea SPF backpack buoy, winner of the Best Choice by Apneapassion 2023 in the accessories category, here is another very clever solution by the French Brand part of Decathlon, the Subea Long spearfishing buoy with watertight compartment. Let’s see how it is designed and how it works.

Watertight for small objects


How often do we find ourselves to go spearfishing from the shore and so with the need to leave our valuables behind, eventually in an uncontrolled storing space? The risk is always evidently to have our objects stolen, as we will be away by the way for quite some time due to our spearfishing session. Sometimes leaving our valuables in the car can be even more risky, as thieves might damage the car to steal what we have left behind.

10 liters of watertight storage

With the Subea Long Spearfishing buoy the brand of Decathlon has once more thought, in the buoys sector, a very clever solution. This buoy, in fact, has the traditional dimensions of a torpedo buoy, with an internal volume of 10 liters. It is so possible to store inside quite some objects such as wallet, mobile phone, keys and more personal belongings. This is possible thanks to the design of the Subea Long Spearfishing buoy, which on one side can be fully opened to insert such or other objects. Once the objects are inserted, the sealing is done easily by rolling the final part of the buoy. The system is the traditional one with such part made of transparent plastic material, who’s surfaces adhere well one to the other and, once rolled, seal the internal air. A clip keeps the rolled part of the buoy in position and that it!

Easy inflate valve

Subea Long Spearfishing buoy with waterproof store

To inflate the buoy there is a very useful and L shaped air valve with which the spearo can quickly and easily blow air inside the buoy. Such valve can be easily used also once in the water to eventually inflate more the buoy if needed and if some air, as it happens, slowly escapes.


The Subea Long Waterproof buoy is extremely light and made of taurpalin. Such material is a strong, flexible, waterproof material, specifically polyester coated with polyurethane. Such material dries extremely quickly, but more important the thickness and strength is well beyond the classic plastic used on many traditional torpedo buoys on the market. For such reason the Subea Long Waterproof buoy is much more resistant to puncture and cut.

Perfectly balanced

Subea Long Spearfishing buoy with waterproof store

Without the need of adding weights, the Subea Long Spearfishing buoy with the waterproof compartment has two integrated flat rectangular leads integrated in the inferior part. This means that the Subea buoy is always balanced.

Great also to carry a speargun

Subea Long Spearfishing buoy with waterproof store

It is easy to carry one speargun on the Subea buoy as a very useful and clever system permits to position a speargun in the inferior part, centrally. Such position additionally contributed to keep a good balance. Two additional Nylon rings are present on the sides of the buoy to connect small accessories.

Two flags

Two flags, the red and white signal, and the blue and white Alfa flag, are included with the Subea buoy. The connection is easy and fast, as the flags are positioned on the buoy simply pressing the mast in a hole and obtaining a lock thanks to a quick connection system.

Carry strap

Caring about all details, Subea has also added a carry strap to be able to hold the buoy positioning it around one shoulder so to keep the hands free at any time.