After having presented the Subea SPF 900 Backpack buoy, winner of the Best Choice by Apneapassion title in the accessories category, here is another extremely interesting bag, the Subea IPX6 100 L.


The Subea IPX6 100 L bag is watertight thanks to its strong and waterproof material. The seal from water is then obtained through a simple but clever system, which is normally used in small watertight sacs. It works by rolling the bag in the big opening and finally clipping it with two bands locked with quick buckles.

Of course, after use the diving equipment inside the bag will be wet, and so there is a high quality plug at the base of the Subea IPX6 100 L bag to release the water. Additionally, such plug can be used to release fresh water used to fill the bag and wash all the equipment from the salt of the sea.

100 L capacity

You would not believe how much diving, freediving and spearfishing equipment fits inside a 100L volume bag. In fact, we have actually positioned two 5 mm spearfishing wetsuits inside the Subea IPX6, one of which was the new extremely professional Subea SPF 900 wetsuit, plus mask, snorkel, gloves and socks, and the remaining free space was still enormous. The good thing is that so much volume can be compacted by simply additionally rolling the closure of the bag and tightening the Nylon straps. This will reduce the encumbrance of the Subea IPX6 when not all the internal volume is used.

Fins and speagun

The shape of the Subea IPX6 watertight bag does not permit to put long fins or spearguns inside, but this product has great solutions for such equipment. On one side two adjustable Nylon straps permit the positioning of a pair of freediving or spearfishing long fins. These can be simply inserted inside the straps which are then tightened to ensure a good fixation of the fins. On the opposite side, two adjustable elastic bands are perfect to position and fix a long speargun. Carrying all your diving equipment, including long fins and eventually a speargun will be extremely easy.

Additional pockets, bands, handles and shoulder stap

As it is usual for Subea, which is definitely a leader in designing and bringing to market extremely high quality bags and also proposing them at and extremely competitive price, the Subea IPX6 watertight bag is also complete with additional accessories. Laterally the bag has a pocket, unfortunately not watertight, to position small objects. Of course the bag is not ment to go in the water, but a watertight pocket would have been more appreciated considering that one is by the sea.

Laterally two strong and confortable handles are present to hold or move the bag at any time, or carry it, holding it one per side, with a mate. Also, on the opposite side of where the fins are positioned, so to be clear where the speargun can be hooked, two Nylon straps also work as handles to hold the bag.

The shoulder strap of the Subea IPX6 100 L watertight bag is strong and well designed, with a velcro closing system.

Materials and price

Once more Subea offers an amazingly high quality and functional bag. The waterproof material and the Nylon bands are extremely strong and resistant. Also all the connections obtained through stitching appear extremely tough and resistant. All this for a very very interesting price, which changes a bit from market to market, and is around 70 € in France, Spain and Italy.