Subea was born in 2017 to offer, within the Decathlon world, a complete line of products for the diving sports. Among these, definitely are freediving and spearfishing. Done, the latter, with the concept of always following the rules to respect the balance of the sea. The freediving and spearfishing product offer is quite complete, but has a particularly interesting solution in the Subea SPF 900, which works both as a backpack and as a signal buoy. Additionally, it works as a waterproof solution where to put both our diving equipment and our clothes…a unique solution on the market! After having presented interesting solutions such as Beuchat Hammer float, here is a more revolutionary product.

Dimensions and materials

The Subea SPF 900 is 70 cm high x 40 cm wide x 25 cm thick. Its capacity is of 40 liters, meaning you can really store all your diving gear in it. The materials used are top quality to insure duration in time and perfect functioning of its technical solutions. More specifically the material of the SPF 900 is a double laminated PVC fabric, a tarpaulin envelope, which insures strength, puncture resistance and total water tightness.

Air and water seal

The key characteristic of the Subea SPF 900 is the air and water seal. This permits to store one’s dry clothes and objects inside the sack even when the latter is floating on the sea. Additionally, the air seal gives the Subea clever sack to become easily a buoy.

To obtain all this the Tizip is used. Such zip is a very special technical idea, which sees a strong and big dimensions waterproof zip positioned all along the SPF 900 in the upper part. The length of the Zip is 60 cm to permit an easy introduction of equipments such as wetsuits or clothes, including shoes. The Tizip works thanks to a rubber seal all along the Zip, but with a special design at the closing end. This permits to the slider to air seal the bag. Ingenious! To inflate the SPF 900 an air valve is present which permits inflation by mouth.

Subea SPF 900 Tizip

Holds all spearfishing equipment

The Subea SPF 900 packpack buoy can carry easily 2 spearguns, a pair of fins and internally the wetsuit and other equipment

Another key aspect of the SPF 900 is the fact that it really can carry all our spearfishing equipment. Inside, the Subea buoy backpack can contain a complete wetsuit, even a thick one, the mask, the torch and more. These two though can also be carried in the two external lateral mesh pockets. Such solution permits to hold the objects, but also lets the water by when the equipment is wet.

Subea SPF 900 can carry your wetsuit or clothes, plus all your spearfishing equipment

Excellent, even though present in many spearfishing back-packs, are the lateral spearguns connections. These are made with nylon bands at the base and strong lined elastic bands complete with clips at mid height. Simply passing the elastic bands around the spearguns and tightening the connection with the clips, it is possible to perfectly hold in place our hunting equipment. Even very long spearguns can be kept in position well and easily carried.

A frontal big dimensions mesh pocket is perfect to position the fins, even the longest ones. The tip of the blades is inserted in the mesh pocket. When fins are wet after the dive, the mesh pocket is perfect to drain the water. The upper part of the fins on the side of the foot-pockets is perfectly kept in position by a adjustable length nylon band with clip.

High and light foldable mast flag

All elements of the Subea SPF 900 are really taken care of in each detail. The diving signal flag and mast are really well designed. The flag is of big dimensions and the mast is long, key aspects for our safety. But it is the mast to be particularly well designed. It is made in light and strong composite material. It is foldable as it consists of two elements connected with and elastic band. The result is a high, light, visible and easily foldable mast, which can be quickly stored in one of the two lateral mesh pockets. Once unfolded, the mast is easily inserted in a long pocket and secured in position, in case for example of strong wind, a an elastic band and a clip…perfect!

There’s more!

This is not all at all. The Subea SPF 900 backpack buoy is carried on one’s shoulders thanks to comfortable stuffed straps. These are completely adjustable and have a horizontal nylon band with clip that can be positioned on the chest for best fixing to the body

These straps are easily removable from the SPF 900 simply opening a wide Velcro strap inserted in the backpack buoy. In such way, the backpack straps can be put inside the bag and the clean surface of the SPF 900 will be in contact with the water when at sea and slide easily during the spearfishing action.

Subea SPF 900 rear straps Velcro connection

A very comfortable and strong handle covered with rubber is present on the top of the Subea SPF 900 to easily carry it when not on our shoulders. Also, such handle is perfect to grab and hold the buoy when at sea.

Strong rubber coated handle

The Subea SPF 900 is a brilliant product that we will soon test at sea for a final evaluation.