A Spanish female spearfishing champion

We had the happy opportunity to talk with Ainhoa ​​Abellán, the female spearfishing champion from the Cressi Team Spain. She lives and practices spearfishing in Barcelona, ​​and who in recent years has shown a high level and always with an upward trajectory. Ainhoa ​​Abellán is already a regular in the Spanish national team, being present in it since 2019. Last year she made a great leap with a second place in the national held in Cantabria. Still last year, she obtained a third place in the World Championship held in Arbatax. 

(By Bernat Castell Pallicer)

female spearfishing champion
Ainhoa Abellan – Photo by Tanausú Motas

Interview to the female spearfishing champion

Bernat Castell Pallicer: You are showing an impressive record of results, especially over the past year. Do you have any goals set for the future?
Ainhoa ​​Abellán: My main goal is to improve every day and do my best each time, give my best, at least maintain the level, but always try to give a little more. Of course I would like to reach the top in this sport, but I don’t like to get obsessed with a goal, I prefer to enjoy giving it my all every time.

The start and female spearfishing

BCP: Tell us a little about your beginnings. How did your interest in spearfishing come about?
AA: It wasn’t very difficult to become a fan of spearfishing since my father already practiced it when I was little. Of course, seeing my father gave me love and passion for the sea. At first, the typical thing with mask exploring the bottom of the sea and discovering little things each time. Then, I began to accompany my father.

I was small and couldn’t load the rifle, so he loaded it for me and managed to capture mullets, some breams, … they are good memories. When I got older I left fishing a little aside, but then I ended up going back, the sea captures you.

BCP: As for women in spearfishing, how do you as female spearfishing champion see the situation and its future?
AA: In my opinion things are a bit stagnant, it is moving forward but slowly. Little by little new athletes are being added and it is good. I encourage all women to make a name for themselves in this sport, meet other spearfisherwomen and enjoy the sea.

Equipment and spearfishing zones

BCP: As for the material you use, what can you tell us?
AA: What can I say about Cressi, delighted, proud to belong and have the trust of one of the best brands in the world.
All the material is spectacular, I cannot say anything else in terms of quality, versatility and guarantee. Few brands respond when you have problems with the material. I feel comfortable using it and that is fundamental, being comfortable in the water. That’s where you can see the results.

I usually pay more attention to the speargun: the shaft, the rubber bands, the nylon. It makes me very angry to miss shots and lose a good catch because I’m not ready. I suppose that happens to all of us.

BCP: In which area/s do you usually practice spearfishing?
AA: Due to proximity, I go to the Barcelona area, which is where I am closest since I combine fishing with work. If I have more free time, I go a little further, to Gerona or Tarragona.

BCP: What is your way of fishing?
AA: A little of everything, depending on the day or the sea conditions, I adapt. I fish in the holes, agguato/ambush, aspetto. I’m not one to dedicate outings or to focus only on one type of spearfishing. I like to be versatile. I like both spearfishing with an aspetto for bass in the shallow water and looking for some grouper in the hole.