Apneapassion chooses Top Sub to manufacture the new wetsuit with AP heart and fish logo, model Supercaccia jacket and Merou d’Or pants, that the on-line magazine will utilize for videos and product tests.

Top Sub company

Among the most experienced and known Italian companies that design and manufacture taylor made wetsuits for spearfishing we certainly have Top Sub, born in 1984 thanks to the passion of Silvano Agostini, that in those years brought all his experience as agonistic spearo in the products of the Italian company. Since 1984 the aim of Top Sub has been, evidently, to design and manufacture “Top” of the line products. 

Today Top Sub is an internationally known brand in the spearfishing and feediving world. 

Spearfishing wetsuits
Gaspare Battaglia, apnea champion

Top Sub has also a complete line of scuba diving wetsuits, among which also dry versions.

Top Sub dry wetsuit

Moreover, the Italian company is well present in sectors for military and technical scuba diving, such as Italian Military Marine, State Police, scuba diving Carabinieri forces, Coast Guard and National Rescue Society. 

Key is, evidently, the experience by Top Sub in the various sectors of underwater activities, an aspect that is a strong and unique characteristic for the Italian company, and that gives Top Sub the opportunity to select best technical solutions and materials from all the underwater sectors.


Apneapassion branded wetsuit

The wetsuit for AP has been designed with Supercaccia model jacket, in 8 mm thick smooth open cell Yamamoto Y45 Pro neoprene, while pants are 5 mm in the totally new camouflage neoprene, the Merou d’Or, that we will deeply analyze soon in the X-Rays channel.

More in detail, the jacket is completely in smooth open cell neoprene, except for the lower part which is in double lined BAC neoprene, a soft and elastic Nylon structure with amazing cut-resistant (useful when sliding in the water sitting on the rocks) and anti-slip (whch help for example when sitting on the wet tubes of the dinghy) characteristics. This material reinforces the jacket and helps grabbing it when wearing and unwearing the jacket, with no risk of the neoprene tearing apart. BAC is an excellent example of the use that Top Sub does of its know-how in the different diving sectors, where on dry wetsuits BAC material is widely used. The choice of materials, especially for some key details, is often done picking the elements from other diving sectors and choosing the best possible quality.

Supercaccia jacket with waist in BAC

The lower part of the jacket is also particularly neat, as Top Sub has a specific cut that wraps perfectly the legs and limits to the minimum passage of water, improving thermal insulation. The closing system is in Velcro.

Top Sub cut of the jacket perfectly wraps the legs

The back has a central cut that is bonded taking away material to give the wetsuit in such area the preformed curve that each body has, while the upper part of the back has no central cut as the body has a straighter shape. This is an advanced solution for taylor made Top Sub wetsuits, which is not present on the standard ones.

Internally, in the sternal area is an 8 mm thick patch to increase protection, with the surface in contact with the skin of the spearo which is lined. In such way the risk of the neoprene slipping when loading the sling gun is strongly reduced. An important detail is also the smoothing of the edge of the patch to reduce the discontinuity of the thicker and thinner areas, and avoid tearing of the neoprene in such critical and stressed area.

Lined sternal patch with smoothed edges

The bondings appear to be pretty generous, in the sense that there is a lot of glue on them, which could indicate not such a neat solution. To the contrary, Top Sub bondings have such look as they are double, meaning that after the first bonding process, a second one is made to ensure even better resistance also in time, and reduce the necessary (for all open cell smooth neoprene wetsuit of any brand) maintenance.

Internal view 0f double bondings for Top Sub to improve resistance and durability

The face profile, ankles and wrists are extremely well refined with folded neoprene, smooth outside, to improve seal compared to open cell, and lined inside to improve resistance and give the possibility to apply small and neat stitchings. In addition, the greater stiffness of such borders gives even additional seal improving thermal insulation.

For technical data sheet of Top Sub Supercaccia jacket click Top Sub Superciacca.