Top Sub Supercaccia K12 jacket and Merou d’Or pants

It is one of the most known Italian wetsuit manufacturers, making tailor-made and standard-sized solutions…Made in Italy!

Materials and protections

Split into two solutions, the 7 mm jacket, made in Yamamoto 45 Pro Brown K12 smooth outside and open cell inside, and the 7 mm pants made of Yamamoto 39 Merou d’Or brown.

Starting from the jacket, indeed the solution is extremely soft, well feelable simply touching the wetsuit by Top Sub, and most probably, in this first pre-test phase, one of the softest of the entire dossier about the best Winter wetsuits. 

The long chest reinforcement is made of externally lined (Jersey lining) Yamamoto 39 neoprene that with a narrow shape goes from the stern all the way down to the base of the jacket. The chest protection has a rather small Melco tape cover with an additional layer of neoprene to additionally thicken the area and better protect the stern.

There are no protections on the elbows, something that we suggest to add (the tailor-made solutions by Top Sub permit any adaptation), as in Winter shallow water spearfishing among rocks such protections are key to extend the life of the wetsuit. 

A very important and top quality aspect is the brown external polyurethane cover which increases by far the sliding effect and so helps to wear and de-wear the wetsuit, which, in high thicknesses as needed for Winter, generally is much harder to put on and off. A great solution! This, added to the great softness of the wetsuit, has really confirmed that the Top Sub Supercaccia K12 is the easiest to handle in the process of wearing and de-wearing.

The pants in Merou d’Or are made of Yamamoto 39 neoprene externally lined with Jersey material, which feels very elastic and gives resistance to the structure. 

Knees, the crotch and bottom of the pants are made with Supratex Sheico L, for very strong protection and high resistance to wear. The waist of the trousers has a thinner externally lined neoprene to help the expansion of the belly for technical breathing. Such thinner neoprene is 22 cm high at the front and 10 cm at the back. This is another important detail based on differentiated thickness neoprene. 

Top Sub Supercaccia K12 jacket
Supercaccia K12 jacket and Merou d’Or pants

Finishings and cuts

Wrists and face edges are finished with folded internally lined and externally smooth neoprene, with such edges being quite tight and a little stiffer than the rest of the Yamamoto 45 neoprene to generate a very nice sealing effect and reduce water passage for best thermal insulation. Such edges are not only perfectly glued, but have a very neat internal stitching that reinforces them. 

The lower part of the jacket of the Top Sub Supercaccaia K12 is made with thinner Sheico L neoprene which is externally at the rear in Supratex (a special reinforced Nylon) and externally at the front and internally in traditional Nylon lining. The thinner neoprene helps wearing and de-wearing. The double-lined neoprene of the lower jacket goes all the way around for a highly reinforced solution, still losing some tiny bit of sealing effect compared to jackets where the lower part is an almost totally open-cell internal surface.

The beavertail is well made and reinforced with a thick elastic Nylon lining that goes all the way along the inferior profile of the jacket. The closure is obtained with a double Velcro solution.

The underarm area is made with a small rhomboidal neoprene part glued with the large chest and back foils, to adapt to the body of the spearo. 

The chin closure of the cap has a very neat and small stitching passing from the outside to the inside.

The high waist pants have practically the same height at the front and at the rear and measure 44 cm, but the frontal profile on the tummy has a wavy design most probably to better adapt to the spearo.

Gluings in general appear of good quality and have internally a secondary layer of glue on top. 

The pants include a pissette, which is very useful both hygienically, and for better thermal insulation (urine gets cold inside the jacket and thermal insulation decreases significantly). 

Top Sub Supercaccia K12 lower jacket in double-lined Sheico
Top Sub Merou d’Or pants with high waist in thinner neoprene for additional comfort


Special solutions

The brown external polyurethane layer of the jacket is amazingly effective in helping in wearing and taking off the wetsuit, as the neoprene does not get stuck. 

Plus and Minus


  • Extremely easy to wear and take off (polyurethane brown layer of the jacket)
  • The double solution of a smooth open-cell jacket and lined trousers protects from rocks and is soft for the upper body
  • Great details of pants and jacket, such are refined edges and differentiated thickness waist areas
  • Pissette, available for tailor-made solutions


  • No elbows protections
  • Soft smooth open-cell neoprene of the jacket can tear if not careful
  • Pants do not dry quickly also due to Supratex

For the complete data chart of the Top Sub Supercaccia K12 jacket and Merou d’Or pants wetsuit click here.