The taylor made Top Sub wetsuit

After the presentation of the 7mm Top Sub Supercaccia K12 – Merou d’Or, we have tested it at 13°C. It is surely not as cold as, for example, the North of Europe, but definately a good test.

test of Top Sub Supercaccia

Wearing and taking off the Top Sub Supercaccia

The Top Sub Supercaccia K12 jacket gives immediately an amazing feedback when one wears it. The external surface is covered with a thin layer of polyurethane makes the neoprene extremely “slippery”. For such reason the folded material does not stick between surfaces. So the wearing phase is fantastickly easy, with no comparison with any other spearfishing wetsuit. The same ease applies when one has to take off the wetsuit and does not need in any way to put soap in the externalm surface of the neoprene. In fact, there is no sticky effect. Well done Top Sub!

Softness and elasticity 

The jacket made in Yamamoto 45 Pro Brown K12 smooth outside and open cell inside, and the pants made of Yamamoto 39 Merou d’Or brown make the wetsuit extremely soft and elastic even in the 7 mm version. The jacket is soft in every area, also thanks to no lining and protection, except for the chest. This solution goes down all the way to the lower part of the jacket and indeed works perfectly for loading the speargun. The pants, even though externally lined, are also particularly elastic, for a great comfort. Some reduced comfort, but only when walking to reach the sea and not in the water, is given by the horizontal stitching exactly in correspondence of the rear of the knee. Some companies use a double line of stitching shifted from the rear of the knee to avoid such issue. 

test of Top Sub Supercaccia

Thermal insulation 

The external smooth surface of the neoprene of the jacket of the Top Sub Supercaccia permits to have a very dry and warm wetsuit out of the water. In fact, we wore the Top Sub Supercaccia under the shower and walked to sea with the wetsuit which was already wet externally. The effect is an extremely warm wetsuit out of the water. 

In the water the thermal insulation is good, with the neoprene well protecting from cold water, both for the jacket and the pants. Some slight miscomfort after some hours in the water was generated by a minimal feeling of colder water at mid height in the back. Probably an external smooth neoprene for the waist of the pants would better adhere to the internal lower part of the jacket. 

test of Top Sub Supercaccia

Cut of the Top Sub Supercaccia

The jacket has a great cut, especially in the face area, which is the most critical one. The pants are good, but tend to be a little wide on the waist, an aspect that could also accentuate the above issue of a small water sac on the back. 


The jacket of the Top Sub Supercaccia, as anticipated, has lined protections only on the chest, making it quite delicate when moving with the arms among the rocks. Of course Top Sub can easily add elbow protection if requested by the customer. Still, the neoprene has demonstrated not to be as easy to cut on the rocks as expected. The pants are completely lined and have long knee protections in Supratex that work perfectly against any rock.

Likes and dislikes in Top Sub Supercaccia


  • Unbeatable ease of wearing thanks to the external polyurethane layer
  • Extremely soft and elastic neoprene both for jacket and pants
  • Very good cut of the face area


  • Slight sensation of colder water in the back after some hours of spearfishing
  • The stitching behing the knee can be felt while walking but not in the water
  • We suggest elbow protections for agguato among the rocks