The approach direction of the sea bass can be unpredictable

With waters becoming colder, in Autumun and beginning of the Winter, sea basses come close to the coast and we will need to hunt them principally with the waiting technicque in shallow water. The approach direction of such quite crafty predator, is unpredictable. The bass might approach, with good resolution, both from offshore, that from the coast, but also reach to from one side. For such fishing waiting technique, diversely from Summer season, we will need to use a short speargun, that will permit an optimum brandishing, and will so permit us to reposition depending on the direction of arrival of the bass.

Considering the arbalete, a single elastic band will generally be more than sufficient, permitting better brandishing. Such setup is possible as basses tend to have a resolute approach, but also because visibility is not the one of the warm periods, so the shot will be anyway released from short distance.

When the bass will approach frontally, quite a frequent situation, it will be a good solution to shoot with the fish positioned straight to us.

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