We have shown how easy it is to upgrade one’s speargun, such as the Cressi Comanche with the 100% stainless steel patented Meandros Nitro release mechanism, and now we have tested the result in the water, with great performance!

Finally, the result is that the Meandros Nitro reuslts in a very precise release mechanism, perfectly sensitive in the pressure needed to release the shot, and extremely easy and performing when it comes to inserting and blocking the shaft in the system.

The lateral line release lever could be slightly increased in dimensions or increased in the curvature to hold even better the line in position.

The Cressi Comanche is extremely light making the spearfishing action very easy, especially in the “agguato – ambush” technique, when a fast shot is needed and swing must be fast. The slight downside is the fact that such a light speargun can have a little recoil and shot, if the spearo does not hold the speargun in the correct way, tends to be a little high.