The 100% Made in Italy company, Cressi, has 4 selected spearguns that are included in this dossier, moving from a base price, with the Cressi Moicano Camu 60, at 109 €, going up to the Cressi Cherokee 60, around 120 € and the Cressi Comanche Pacific 75 at 135 €, and finally up to the very upper limit of the dossier with the Cressi Cherokee Open Mimetic 75 at 175 €. A complete offer for any need. All of these spearguns, we know, even if with different level technical solutions, will have that magic plus of the Cressi sling spearguns, that somehow appear to be really just the natural extension of the spearo’s arm.

This article is part of the dossier “Best sling spearguns between 100 and 200 €”

Cressi Comanche Pacific

With a price which is almost aligned with the Cressi Cherokee, the Cressi Comanche Pacific 75 has a price on the web equal to 135 € on DiveINN in the moment this article is published, but you can check the latest best guaranteed on-line price offer at this link.

Cressi Comanche Pacific

Technical characteristics

Muzzle and elastic bands

Muzzle of the Cressi Comanche Pacific is the top level open solution already seen on the Cherokee. It is a cobra head design which softens the angle of the rubbers to work more effectively without suffering unnecessary erosions or tensions, giving the bands the correct direction for best efficiency of the shot. Material of the muzzle is PA66 30% glass loaded Nylon. It is designed for double circular elastic bands and complete with a magnetic spear lock. This solution holds the spear once it is put in place, thanks to two magnets mounted in a watertight chamber. This option guarantees maximum speed of reset without the disadvantages of conventional mechanical restraint systems.

The muzzle comes with one circular 18 mm diameter S45 elastic band with 3.0 – 3.2 (300% – 320% depending on the length) elongation coefficient and 42 shore grades. It is possible to add a second circular elastic band or to change it with a 20 mm G20. The wishbone is a 1 mm diameter pure Dyneema solution. Line passage under the muzzle is in steel and of good dimensions.

Cressi Comanche Pacific muzzle & bands
Cressi Comanche Pacific muzzle & bands inferior view

The barrel is a 28 mm diameter tube in anticorodal aluminum. Shaft guide is integrated obtaining a reiforcement of the barrel and best precision of the shot with low friction, as the shaft adheres only in the two edges of the guide.

Cressi Comanche Pacific

The connection barrel to handle and barrel to muzzle is insured by double O-rings on both sides, for maximum air volume capacity of the barrel (compared to plugs) and so better buouancy.

Handle & release mechanism

Even though Cressi Pacific is a high level speargun, with compact open muzzle and integrated shaft guide, the handle is somehow based on an old design, evidently updated year after year, as it has proven to be an amazingly reliable and functional solution utilized since many years with great satisfaction by many affectionate spearos.

Cressi Comanche Pacific release mechanism

The handle has a special deeply tested angle for best shot precision. The grip has a TPE white thermoplastic rubber total cover. The shape of the grip is anathomical with a left and light hander simmetrical shape. In the bottom part of the handgrip a hole is present for positioning a line. Reel mount is not present so a universal reel must be used. Below the handgrip a glass loaded nylon ring for the line comes out. At the front of the handgrip and laterally there are 2 line holding devices, the dovetail support for the reel and a glass loaded nylon passage as rail for the shaft. The rear part the handle is complete with a good dimention glass loaded nylon gun butt.

Cressi Comanche Pacific handle left view

Release mechanism is made with the release lever (sear) in cemented steel, while the trigger is in PA66 30% glass loaded Nylon. The line release is the simple standard solution with the glass loaded nylon lever set in the inferior part of the handle in front of the hilt. The security system is lateral of generous dimensions, but not particularly “feelable” with the hand once spearo is holding the Moicano.


The shaft is a 7 mm heat treated solution in 17-4 PH stainless steel.

Comes with

Nylon line and sleeves.

In brief

Cressi Comanche Pacific puts together high level advanced solutions like the open muzzle with magnetic lock, and the aluminium anticorodal with integrated shaft guide, to a more classic reliable proposal of the handle, which evidently is thought for those customers who are loyal to such component and find themselves well with it since years. Price, well below 150 €, still keeps this produst, as the Cherokee, in an excellent value for money position.

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